- The Washington Times - Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Scandalous, all right
It turns out Enron's chairman did meet with the president and the vice president in the Oval Office. This and other facts speak for themselves:
Enron gave $420,000 to the president's party over three years.
The corporation donated $100,000 to the president's inauguration festivities.
The corporation had access to the administration at its highest levels and even enlisted the Commerce and State Departments to grease deals on its behalf.
The taxpayer-supported Export-Import Bank subsidized Enron for more than $600 million in just one transaction.
Bill Clinton, Enron's host in the White House, was not available for comment yesterday (and who knows where to find Al Gore?).
"I know you are as shocked as I was to learn this," says Tommy Toles, a former newspaperman and congressional staffer to the late-Georgia Rep. Lawrence P. McDonald, who supplied the scandalous information to Inside the Beltway.

Stiff and celluloid
Barely 15 months after Al Gore lost his bid for the White House, the Democratic National Committee is already peddling him as a "celluloid reproduction."
For $19 a set, the DNC is selling "collectors' sets of 26 limited-edition celluloid reproductions of Democratic presidential candidates," among them Mr. Gore.

The economy, stupid
Don't look now, but thanks in large part to immigration, the United States is now growing at a faster rate than China.
"The United States admits three times as many immigrants every year as the next-highest receiving country," says the immigration watchdog group Project USA. "Immigration rates are now so high [1.1 million per year] that we will double our population within the lifetimes of today's college students if Congress does not lower the numbers."
Which isn't likely anytime soon, owing to what's being called economic "greed." Immigrants, Project USA explains, help drive the economy, which is why we keep hearing the "vacuously sentimental" refrain "we are a nation of immigrants" repeated so often.
It's not just this country's "employed" immigrants who help bolster the economy, but those who come here to study.
You'll recall that in the wake of September 11, Sen. Diane Feinstein, California Democrat, proposed that Congress initiate a six-month "time-out" on student visas while the United States got its foreign-student tracking system under control.
"However," Project USA charges, "the education industry, which rakes in $14 billion per year from foreign students, quickly forced Feinstein to back down."
Still, it was revealed late last month that in two states alone Nebraska and Iowa 459 foreign nationals allowed entry into the United States on student visas never showed up for class.

Profiles in carnage
Multiculturalism assails
Common sense until it fails:
Screeners x-ray granny
And pat down the nanny,
But ignore young Arab males.

F.R. Duplantier

Whole again
The men and women who are six weeks ahead of schedule rebuilding the Pentagon will be honored with a congressional resolution.
"By working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, these dedicated men and women are demonstrating America's resolve and know-how," Rep. Mark Foley says of Pentagon Renovation Program workers, made up of 15 percent government and 85 percent contracted personnel.
"They're putting more than bricks and mortar into their jobs, and they deserve to be honored," he said.
The 400,000 square feet of demolition work that had to be complete before construction could begin was finished in a mere two months after estimates pegged the job to take upwards of eight months.
The Florida Republican, who calls the Pentagon one of this nation's most symbolic buildings, says he will have the language to the resolution written this week and hopes to get the resolution passed in the House as soon as possible.

Go figure
Regarding one item yesterday, Allen Minter writes: "I keep hearing of the ACLU and Americans United for the Separation of Church and State denouncing every step the people called Christians take to display their beliefs, but I have heard nothing from either group about the Saudi Arabian Embassy mailing to high schools copies of the Koran and videos about their faith. …
"Why is it all right to teach the Moslem faith but not the Christian faith? I wish someone would answer the question of why the Christian faith is so dangerous and other faiths are not. Christianity is based upon the love of God and love for our fellow human beings."

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