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"Andrea Yates's family … were appalled, they declared, that the jury had come in with a verdict of guilt for a woman so disturbed that she drowned her five children. Apparently, the more horrific the crime, the greater the proof that the perpetrators should be found not guilty by reason of insanity. By this reasoning, Mohamed Atta and his colleagues would certainly have escaped prosecution had they lived.

"There can be no doubt that Andrea Yates suffered severe mental illness, and no doubt either that she knew what she was doing when she killed her children. Still, her husband, Russell Yates, declared himself 'offended' that his wife had been brought to trial at all. …

"Since the sentencing Mr. Yates has gone about reciting the litany of offenses committed against him and Andrea. … Perhaps with time and contemplation, this latest exemplar of the victimology craze will sit down and figure out just who the actual victims were all five of them."

Dorothy Rabinowitz, writing on "Striving to Suffer," Tuesday in Opinion Journal at www.opinion-journal.com

Bias? What bias?

"The runaway success lately of CBS veteran Bernard Goldberg's book 'Bias' has galvanized a roiling disaffection with mainstream media. …

"Goldberg's indictment of TV news, a culture he spent 28 years working in, is not limited to his core thesis that network news has a systemic 'liberal' slant. The real dynamite is the way he documents and describes the mindset of network newspeople, painting a disturbing and often hilarious portrait of network culture that is every bit as smug, elitist, pseudo-left and ultimately racist as media bashers on the right have always claimed. Because the critique had always been dominated by the right, it never had any real potency outside the growing conservative wing of new media. Goldberg, by virtue of his staunch Democrat credentials, has provided a new space for media disaffection to rush in. In so doing, he has removed the most effective barrier that protected mainstream media from criticism that only right-wing zealots had a problem with 'them.' …

"Goldberg has been on more than 400 radio shows and dozens of (perhaps too many) cable TV shows. …

"He has not been invited to do a single interview on any of the three networks."

Celia Farber, writing on "Bias Attacks," in the March 21 issue of New York Press

Imposing hatred

"We now know what Palestinians want, and what they think of Israelis. After all, what exactly is the point of sending killers to massacre children at random? What do you accomplish? You impose hatred. …

"We now learn that suicide bombers are told to expect a heaven full of comely virgins as their next assignment. To the suicide-murderers, those waiting virgins are real as dirt. The killers call themselves 'martyrs,' but in their own minds they are the next thing to sex criminals. 'Pardon me, sir or madam, do you know why I plan to murder your child? Because the authorities are offering me great sex and, after all, I don't get many opportunities.' …

"How can Muslims of good faith allow such people to call themselves Muslim? But they do allow it. What does that mean? And is it possible that we have located here, in this inspiring vision of heaven as a whorehouse, the most loathsome idea in the history of human thought? This is the civilization that condemns 'licentious' America?"

David Gelernter, writing on "The Suicide of the Palestinians," in the March 25 issue of the Weekly Standard

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