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Angry Alanis
"'Jagged Little Pill' was her first album … and Alanis [Morissette] wasn't just angry, she made femme-rage imitators all the rage. But their anger couldn't touch Alanis's. …
"Alanis made liberal hedonists upset because she was angry about all the right things.
"She was angry that a man once told her he would love her until he died, 'but' as she fantasizes about pointing out to him while he's on a date with someone new 'You're still alive, and I'm here, to remind you of the mess you left when you went away.' That song … was 'You Oughta Know,' and it is an unparalleled critique of the sexual revolution and how it has left people like Alanis (who was born in 1974) emotionally crippled.
"The singer of that song has been lied to and betrayed in the most powerful, primordial way by promises of forever-love consummated by sex and she's not about to pretend that the sexually freed man's view of the matter should be normative. …
"Women no doubt felt Alanis's anger and pain. They were used to men who teased their desire for lifetime love in order to gain nighttime access to their bodies."
Tom Hoopes, writing on "Alanis Isn't Angry Anymore," Wednesday in National Review Online at www.nationalreview.com

'Usual suspects'
"As David Brooks has pointed out, being on the left in recent years has meant being for freeing Mumia and cheering infantile leftists when they throw bricks through windows to protest globalization.
"September 11 made the position of the radical left even more acute, and brought out the worst instincts in many leftists. It has also provided a clear dividing line between two kinds of leftists: those who genuinely love America but who are confused, and those who resolutely hate America; between those who now fly the flag (some for the first time in their lives), and those who still want only to burn it. A number of prominent leftists, such as Christopher Hitchens and Paul Berman, have responded splendidly and correctly in the aftermath of September 11, while many of the usual suspects Susan Sontag, Noam Chomsky, Norman Mailer, etc. have reacted according to script."
Steven Hayward, writing on "Walzer's Razor," a March editorial from the Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs at www.ashbrook.org

Rorschach Reno
"It's impolite to notice, but notice they do on the campaign trail: Janet Reno is a lot of woman. She's 6 foot 1 inches barefoot. … Perhaps no other Clinton cabinet member aroused such disparate passions as the former attorney general and current Florida gubernatorial candidate. As befits a human Rorschach test, she has been called many things by her champions, everything from 'Mother Teresa' (Florida attorney general Bob Butterworth) … to a 'folk hero' (herself); by her critics, everything from 'the most corrupt attorney general' in history to 'Janet Reno Clouseau.'
"But when they meet her in person, most people, fan or foe, have a more rudimentary reaction to the outsized Reno. They approach her with all the subtlety you'd expect at a Sasquatch sighting. …
"From Reno's perspective, this in a way is good. Crass as it may be, discussion of her physique means people are taking notice of her human dimensions. And no candidate this year is more in need of humanization than the often dour Reno."
Matt LaBash, writing on "Janet Reno Rides Again," in the March 25 issue of the Weekly Standard

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