- The Washington Times - Monday, March 25, 2002

'Beautiful' award
"To the already overlong list of entertainment awards more than 100 at last count let's add one more for the film that significantly changes the face and perception of medical diagnosis and treatment, and makes a difference in the lives of many. …
"In 'A Beautiful Mind' we feel the inner torment of the mentally ill patient and the suffering of those close to him. Our conscience and morality are raised to a higher level, and our adrenaline stirred.
"'A Beautiful Mind' tells the story of the rise, dramatic debilitating fall to mental illness, and triumphant return of brilliant Princeton mathematician John Nash. His discoveries known as the Nash Equilibrium ultimately led to his being awarded the Nobel Prize in 1994.
"Therefore, for making a difference to millions, my first annual Caduceus Movie Award goes to 'A Beautiful Mind' and to Ron Howard for having the intestinal fortitude to tell us this painful tale while lifting us from the hollows of hell to the heaven of humanism. And also to Russell Crowe for playing John Nash with an intensely beating heart and palpable pulse."
Dr. Michael Arnold Glueck and Dr. Robert J. Cihak, writing on "Too Many Beautiful Minds to Waste," Thursday in World Net Daily at www.worldnetdaily.com

Scapegoating Dixie
"'The South as a geographic idea the identity of the South typically stands for a set of negative characteristics,' says [Pennsylvania State University geographer] David R. Jansson. …
"These characteristics include racism, violence, poverty and xenophobia. While those outside the South embrace these attributes for the South, the Southern population also adopts this image as its own burden to bear. While there is some truth to this Southern characterization, the rest of America has perhaps perpetrated it more as a way to establish an American identity. …
"'By representing the South as backward, racist, violent, intolerant and poor, America comes to know itself as progressive, enlightened, peaceful, tolerant and prosperous.'
"He adds that when an incidence of racism occurs in the North, it is viewed as an aberration, something outside the normal. However, if that same act occurred in a Southern state, it would be no more than the expected status quo."
from "Southern History A Burden to South, Benefit to American Image of Identity," March 20 in Penn State News at www.psu.edu

Prophetic Pat
"Pat Buchanan's exciting new book ['The Death of the West] demonstrates clearly and convincingly that the population base of Western civilization is disappearing as Europeans and Americans are no longer reproducing themselves even at replacement rate and thus are being supplanted both in their traditional homelands and in the New World they conquered and civilized by other races, cultures, and religions. …
"There are 30 million foreign-born in the United States, one-third of whom are here illegally. In California, with 8.4 million foreign-born, an ethnic cleansing of European-Americans is taking place; about 100,000 flee the state every year. …
"Buchanan's chapters on 'The War Against the Past' and 'De-Christianizing America' are a bluntly stated record of the defeats we have suffered in the 'culture war' he described so trenchantly from the podium of the 1992 Republican National Convention. The thunderous applause that greeted his message left no doubt that rank-and-file Republicans agreed with him, but the GOP leadership quickly repudiated Buchanan's prophetic words."
E. Christian Kopff, writing on "Pat Buchanan, Conservative Revolutionary," in the April issue of Chronicles

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