- The Washington Times - Sunday, March 3, 2002

Belgium to shut down nuke plants from 2015
BRUSSELS Belgium's inner Cabinet approved draft legislation Friday to gradually shut down the country's seven aging nuclear reactors between 2015 and 2025, making good a pledge the government made when it was elected in 1999.
The legislation, which goes next to the parliament for debate, represents a victory for Greens, who are key component of Liberal Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt's ruling coalition.
Drafted by Olivier Deleuze, secretary of state for energy and a member of the Green party, the bill had failed in its first attempt Tuesday to go through the "kern" the inner Cabinet that includes Mr. Verhofstadt and his vice prime ministers despite many hours of debate.
The measure faces concerted opposition from industry lobbyists in the parliament.

Schroeder sues media over 'dyed hair' claim
HAMBURG, Germany German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has refused to let lie a press affirmation that he dyes his hair. A court in Hamburg is due on April 12 to hear a complaint from him against the German news agency DDP.
DDP had quoted a public relations adviser saying in effect that "it would do Mr. Schroeder good to admit that he dyes his greying curls," said Michael Nesselhauf of the Hamburg law firm Buse Heberr Fromm.
The chief editor of DDP said the agency had withdrawn the offending story and issued a correction.
Mr. Schroeder, 57, has thick, dark-brown hair. Some people also see a reddish tint there.

Ticket fraud at Eiffel Tower
PARIS Staff at the Eiffel Tower, France's most famous landmark, are suspected of having pocketed millions of euros in a ticket scam that may have been going for nearly a decade, officials said Thursday.
At least 15 of the 250 employees at the privately run tower have been fired, and a criminal investigation is under way.
The Societe Nouvelle d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (SNT), the company that has managed the monument on behalf of Paris City Hall since 1980, said some cashiers deliberately caused their computerized registers to crash and then sold the unaccounted-for tickets to visitors and pocketed the cash.
More than 6 million people go up the tower each year.

Weekly notes
Collectors formed long lines at the Vatican's post office Friday to snap up euro coins bearing the image of Pope John Paul II. The Holy See, which has adopted the euro as its currency, was allowed to stamp its own design on one side of the coins, just like each of the 12 countries that use the new currency. The Vatican's coins were delayed by two months because the Italian mint gave preference to the Italian euro coins. … A 50-year-old wheelchair-bound woman was charged with theft Friday after purportedly trying to roll off with 33 unpaid-for CDs and a computer sound card in the French city of Nancy. Police said she already was under investigation over a suspected theft from a supermarket last month.

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