- The Washington Times - Saturday, March 9, 2002

An old friend of 911 Mike Tyson is returning to the ring tonight, and he is calling out the former two-time heavyweight champion.

"Tyson won't fight me," said Mitch "Blood" Green, who is the headline attraction on a show at the Annandale Sports Center. "I know he is scared of me. I saw him at the Zab Judah fight [in Las Vegas last year]. I pulled him into the bathroom and shook his hand. I was real nice to him. But he looked scared to death of me."

Maybe it was a lucid moment for 911 Mike, whose application for a boxing license in the District to fight heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis will be discussed Tuesday at a public meeting of the D.C. Boxing and Wrestling Commission. Maybe for once 911 Mike saw trouble coming, and he knew that anything involving contact between him and Green would likely end with a police report and more fodder for the morning newspapers.

Green, a one-time feared gang leader on the streets of New York who has been in and out of jail, says it is simply because 911 Mike is intimidated by him. "I got that boy's number," he said. "There's something about me that scares him."

Yeah, a 911 call.

"I am hungry and dangerous," said Green, who will face Danny Wofford and his impressive 17-91-2 record in Green's first fight since October 1998.

I have no doubt that Green is hungry and dangerous. So is 911 Mike. We all know how hungry he is. However, neither can likely fight anymore.

Maybe this is the match that promoters should be making, instead of 911 Mike vs. Lennox Lewis, the heavyweight champion of the world. Mitch Green is a more appropriate opponent for 911 Mike's skills and behavior in the ring.

How coincidental this is within two days of 911 Mike's fight for his boxing future in the District, his long-time nemesis is making a boxing comeback just across the river.

Here we are, nearly 16 years from the day that 911 Mike and Green first met in the ring but it was a fight between 911 Mike and Green out of the ring that forever has linked these two.

Green and 911 Mike first fought in May 1986, in a 10-round bout that Green lost. To Green's credit, though, he was the first guy to go 10 rounds with 911 Mike. Green maintained that he wasn't at his best that day because promoter Don King had cheated him out of money for the fight. Tyson got $650,000 for that fight, while Green received $30,000.

"That got me depressed, and I wasn't ready to fight him that night," Green maintains. "If they had given me my money, he would have been history. I would have torn his head off."

Head-tearing. Ear-biting. Mitch Green and 911 Mike were meant for each other.

The loss became an obsession for Green, and it spilled over into a well-documented street confrontation more than two years later, in front of a 24-hour leather goods store named Dapper Dan's in Harlem. While 911 Mike was in the store one morning, around 4 a.m., Green came in, ranting and raving about how King had robbed him, and how he wanted 911 Mike again.

The accounts differed on what happened after that, but the way the story goes is that 911 Mike tried to leave, Green ripped his shirt, and 911 Mike hit him and knocked him down. Green claimed he was "sucker-punched." Green went after 911 Mike again, and they started throwing punches at each other in a full-scale brawl.

Green sued 911 Mike for $25 million in injuries resulting from that fight but wound up getting $45,000 in damages for his injuries, which were shown on the sports pages of nearly every newspaper across the country the photo of Green with his eye swollen shut and his face bruised.

Green claims what he really wanted was a rematch. "He let me sue him instead of fighting me," he said. "That's why I called him a sissy. I told him in court I would rather fight him."

Green said he had a record of 25-5, but the record supplied by Mike Chang of the World Boxing Syndicate, the promoter for tonight's fight, said Green has a career mark of 17-6-1, with 11 knockouts. He hasn't fought since he lost a 10-rounder to someone named Brian Nix in October 1998. And he hadn't fought from his 1986 loss to 911 Mike until a 1993 return to the ring when he was stopped by Bruce Johnson in three rounds.

But Green, who says he is somewhere around 40, says he is on the comeback trail, with 911 Mike in his sights. "In my wildest dreams, I can't see Tyson beating me," he said.

I'll bet Mitch Green has some wild dreams.

Still, this may be a fight whose time has finally come, a fight where 911 Mike may actually seem like the sane one in the ring.

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