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Stating the obvious
Al and Tipper Gore's book "Joined at the Heart: The Transformation of the American Family," expected out in November, sounds like it could set a new standard for banality.
"If the excerpt from the book posted on Amazon.com is any hint, 'Heart' will read like a typical political speech, full of vague expressions and obvious notions," World magazine reports.
"'Work is important, but so is family,' the Gores inform us in one 'groundbreaking' passage. 'We want good jobs, good incomes, and a strong economy. But we also want strong families, good marriages, and the chance to be good parents to our children. We want a decent night's sleep and time with loved ones and friends. In short, we want well-rounded lives that are fulfilling both at work and with our families.'"

A warm 'fairy tale'
A team of international scientists said yesterday that climate models showing global warming are based on a "fairy tale" of computer projections. The scientists met on Capitol Hill to expose what they see as a dearth of scientific evidence about global warming, reporter Marc Morano writes at www.CNSNews.com.
Hartwig Volz, a geophysicist with the RWE Research Lab in Germany, questioned the merit of the climate projections coming from the United Nations-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, used to support the Kyoto Protocol, which is intended to restrict the greenhouse gases thought to cause global warming.
Mr. Volz noted that the IPCC does not even call the climate models "predictions" and instead refers to them as "projections" or "story lines." Mr. Volz said the projections might be more aptly termed "fairy tales."
The luncheon yesterday was sponsored by the Frontiers of Freedom Institute and titled "Whatever Happened to Global Warming? Climate Science Does Not Support the Kyoto Protocol."
S. Fred Singer, an atmospheric physicist with the University of Virginia and the Environmental Policy Project, called the IPCC's global-warming projections "completely unrealistic."

A delay on cloning
The office of Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, South Dakota Democrat, says the much-anticipated Senate debate on human cloning will not happen until after the Memorial Day recess, even though Mr. Daschle had promised it would happen sooner.
Ranit Schmelzer, Mr. Daschle's spokeswoman, said yesterday that other issues have taken more of the Senate's time than expected, including the energy and trade bills, so the cloning debate will not happen before the break. However, before senators leave town, they likely will consider a unanimous-consent agreement setting up the rules of the human-cloning debate, the spokeswoman said.
Sen. Sam Brownback, Kansas Republican, has a bill that would ban the cloning of human embryos for any purpose. The House already passed an identical measure. A competing measure by Sens. Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania Republican, and Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat, would ban the implantation of a cloned human embryo into a uterus, but would allow the human cloning procedure to be used to harvest stem cells for medical research.
Mr. Brownback said he understands that the delay in the human-cloning debate is a result of other pressing issues that must be dealt with, such as trade, the farm bill and the budget. "These are major issues to deal with," he said. But if too much time goes by without debating human cloning, he would be concerned. "We have to get it taken care of," he said.

A turning point
Mayor Sharpe James of Newark, N.J., fended off a furious challenge from an Ivy Leaguer half his age yesterday to win an unprecedented fifth term after a bruising campaign filled with charges of vandalism, voter intimidation and race-baiting.
By defeating 33-year-old freshman City Council member Cory Booker, the 66-year-old mayor will get another four years to lead New Jersey's largest city. With 99 percent of precincts reporting, the Associated Press reported, Mr. James had 28,363 votes, or 53 percent, and Mr. Booker had 24,869 votes, or 46 percent.
About 300 supporters chanted "Cory, Cory" as Mr. Booker conceded.
"We fought one hell of a fight," Mr. Booker said. "We fought for our values, for our children and for what we believe in."
There was no immediate comment from the mayor. But hundreds of James supporters began hugging each other and crying "Four more years!" in a glittering hotel ballroom.
The months-long campaign was so nasty that federal prosecutors posted observers at the polls to watch for fraud and intimidation.
While both men are black Democrats in a mostly black city, Mr. James played the race card against the lighter-skinned Mr. Booker by calling him a "white boy" and accusing him of taking campaign donations from the Ku Klux Klan.
The candidates accused each other of breaking into their campaign headquarters, and a James aide at one point got into a shoving match with a filmmaker the mayor said worked for Mr. Booker. A federal judge also found that city officials selectively used a sign ordinance to take down Booker campaign posters.

More than 'troubled'
"The paleoliberal magazine The American Prospect, lavishly funded by the Bill Moyers-led Schumann foundation, was described in a previous item as 'troubled.' It turns out I accidentally understated the case," political pundit Mickey Kaus writes in Slate at www.slate.com.
"The Prospect, I've learned, is way more than 'troubled' financially. It seems that a businessman placed by Moyers on the Prospect board, Michael Johnston, actually looked at the Prospect's books and, unlike Enron's accountants, sounded the alarm. The resulting financial crisis has insiders speculating that TAP might revert to bi-monthly or quarterly status, or even become a Hotline-like newsletter plus a Web site
"Prospect managers have now decided to ask/beg Schumann to simply continue giving TAP money to maintain it as a biweekly. Fellow TAP-bashers might want to pay close attention to the next Schumann board meeting, on June 13th."

Duke of Arabia
David Duke has found a new audience and a megaphone: the government of Saudi Arabia.
The Saudi government-controlled English-language daily, Arab News, yesterday had a long transcript of a radio speech by the former Klansman and neo-Nazi suggesting that the September 11 terrorist attacks were "aided and abetted" by Israel.
Mr. Duke charges Israel in the radio address with genocide, begs his listeners to "forget what the Jewish press says about me" and warns against the lies spread by the "Jewish-controlled American press" and the "American traitors" who back Israel.
"Today, I want to focus on the world's most dangerous and murderous terrorist. His name is [Israeli Prime Minister] Ariel Sharon, and he makes Osama Bin Laden look like an amateur when it comes to murder and mayhem," Mr. Duke says in his address on the Arab News Web site (www.arabnews.com).
Besides giving his name, the article does not identify Mr. Duke in any way or mention any of his prior activities with the Ku Klux Klan or the American Nazi Party. It does, however, provide the address to his personal Web site and a plug for his autobiography, "My Awakening."
Mr. Duke blames the September 11 attacks on Israeli agents who, he says, had penetrated Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda terrorist group. Those Mossad agents, he says, acted as provocateurs within the group to draw world attention from the "thousands" of Palestinians being tortured in the Jewish state's "concentration camps."
Mr. Duke repeats the urban legend that "two hours prior to the attack, messages were sent to Israeli firms and employees with offices in Israel and the [World Trade Center] of the impending attack." Citing the "legendary" involvement of "large numbers of Israeli nationals" in "business, banking, brokerage, finance and international trade," he says that the "Israeli death toll in the WTC was impossibly low."
Brought to you courtesy of our "moderate" ally, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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