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Mommy dearest
"Chastity Bono became gay when her absentee mom Cher left her in the care of an older lesbian, her new memoir claims. In 'The End of Innocence' Bono recounts how she was seduced by Joan, a gay friend of Cher she first met at age 11.
"'My mom wasn't always around, since she was working, so Joan sort of filled in that gap,' Bono writes. '[I] focused on the fact that I wasn't getting enough attention, and I often felt lonely or abandoned. When I spent time with Joan, I felt like the center of attention. There had always been a subtle sexual charge between us.'
"Joan gave her romantic advice, and had one of her girlfriends advised Chastity on 'what to do sexually with a girl.'
"The first time they had sex Joan 'whispered to me the sexiest words I'd ever been told.'
"At the High School for Performing Arts in New York, 'Since I was the only out lesbian at school, girls who wanted to experiment with their sexuality often hit on me,' Bono writes."
Richard Johnson, writing on "Cher's pal made Chastity gay," Tuesday in the New York Post

Metaphysical 'Buffy'
"At one point, in this season's final episode of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer,' the good girl gone bad, Willow, mocks one of the friends who's striving to save her from herself: 'Willow doesn't live here anymore.' It was one of the best and most chilling moments of the two-hour finale, a moment that underscored the central and consistent teaching about evil in this surprisingly successful series about a teen-age, valley-girl cheerleader turned vampire slayer. In the culminating episodes of this season Buffy returned to the dramatic depiction of the metaphysics of good and evil, a metaphysics that reflects classical accounts of evil as vacuous, as a deprivation of goodness.
"[I]n a show that has always stressed the inevitable and dire consequences of decisions and actions, we can be sure that earth will remain closer to hell than to heaven and that Willow will suffer the consequences of her immersion in dark arts.
"And Buffy's renewed sense of purpose, rooted in her newfound love for her sister and friends, is a counterpoint to the metaphysics of evil. By contrast to goodness and in parasitic dependence on it, evil involves isolation from the rest of humanity, a closing off of the possibility of love, friendship, and communication; it is a will to raw, unconstrained power, a nihilistic drive to destroy all that is, including oneself."
Thomas S. Hibbs, writing on "Buffy's War," Friday in National Review Online

'Would-be undertaker'
"In Britain, Tony Blair has assured his Cabinet there'll be no war on Iraq without U.N. approval. In Canada, the government has confirmed [its troops] are heading home from Afghanistan and won't be replaced. We stood 'shoulder to shoulder,' as the prime minister said we would, but it's been six months now and our shoulder's getting kinda stiff. Besides, we went in because we didn't want to be left out. Now we don't want to be left in. On the road to war, France, Germany and the rest of America's NATO 'allies' are parked shoulder to shoulder on the shoulder.
"And even in the United States, the 'sleeping giant' has resumed his slumbers. The 'war on terror' is now merely this month's Enron, the latest thin straw with which the Democrats hope finally to break the Republican elephant's back.
"After all the tedious, suffocating sobriety of the last eight months, it's now safe for funereal Tom Daschle, would-be undertaker to the presidency, to announce that he's 'gravely concerned' in his usual concernedly grave way. He's so gravely concerned that he's willing to imply, with a nudge and wink, that the President knew thousands of American civilians were going to be slaughtered and let it happen anyway."
Mark Steyn, writing on "This isn't war but 'politics as usual,'" Thursday in the National Post

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