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Red retreads
"Many in the media believe that the demonstrations held [Oct. 26] in Washington, San Francisco, London, and other cities around the world are bona fide expressions of mainstream public sentiment. They are not.
"Participants include activists from the extreme Old and New Left from Stalinists to Maoists as well as such 'blasts from the past' as the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) and the Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party. Other worthies include pro-Saddam mouthpieces; Palestinian propagandists; North Korean front organizations; and 1960s 'flower children' who never grew up.
"A key player in organizing [the protests] is Ramsey Clark, former attorney general under Lyndon Johnson, who never met a dictator he didn't like.
"For over 12 years Clark has been affiliated with the Workers World Party (WWP). WWP splintered from the Trotskyite movement in the 1950s and became of all things Orthodox Stalinist. It supported China's repression of Tibet, North Vietnam's war against the South and the U.S., the Tiananmen Square massacre, and the coup against Gorbachev.
"Just knowing that the bulk of these protesters come from the radical Left, old and new and not from the U.S. mainstream and having some sense of who may be behind the antiwar protesters is important. In the new war against rogue states and radical Islamic terrorism, this important aspect of warfare can no longer be neglected.
Ariel Cohen, writing on "They're B-a-a-a-ck!" Wednesday in National Review Online at www.nationalreview.com

Total control
"Democratic gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Kennedy Townsend wants more gun 'control': 'I know the pain of losing somebody,' says Camelot's latest flickering torch-bearer. 'I don't want other Marylanders to feel that pain.' Democratic congressional candidate Chris Van Hollen is also in favour of 'sensible' gun control: 'I lead the fight in the Maryland Senate on these issues,' he says. 'And Maryland is the first in the country to make progress on those issues.'
"Funnily enough, you're hard put to find any other Democratic candidates this election season eager to pipe up on this subject. If anything, it's quite the opposite: In the party's primaries, it was gun-friendly candidates who did well. Nationally, the Dems seem to have learned the lessons of 2000, when Al Gore managed to lose his own state, Tennessee, as well as traditional Democrat strongholds like West Virginia, in part because of the gun issue.
"But, if Mrs. Townsend and Mr. Van Hollen think the sniper is a persuasive argument for gun control, then at least Americans know the kind of gun control we're talking about: Total."
Mark Steyn, writing on "The state can't save you from a sniper," Thursday in the National Post

Extreme errors
"Daniel Goldhagen's new book, 'A Moral Reckoning: The Role of the Catholic Church in the Holocaust and its Unfulfilled Duty of Repair' is filled with so many simple errors of fact that it's positively embarrassing to read. These errors of fact combine to create a set of historical theses about the Nazis and the Catholic Church so tendentious that not even Pius XII's most determined belittlers have dared to assert them
"This is a great opportunity for those who've written previous books against Pius XII. The reviews of Susan Zuccotti's 'Under His Very Windows,' for instance, were quite negative, accusing her of slanting the evidence to support her prejudged anti-Pius thesis. But now Goldhagen offers her a chance to claim middle-of-the-road credentials. 'How can you say I'm an extremely prejudiced opponent of Pius?' Zuccotti can ask. 'Daniel Goldhagen is the prejudiced extreme; I'm a moderate' Poor Danny Goldhagen. He's going to be beat up one side and down the other; his natural opponents attacking him and his natural allies joining in."
J. Bottum, writing on "The Usefulness of Daniel Goldhagen," Oct. 23 in the Weekly Standard Online at www.weeklystandard.com

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