- The Washington Times - Monday, October 14, 2002

Excerpts from a sermon yesterday by the Rev. Eldridge Spearman at Mount Jezreel Baptist Church in Silver Spring.
Jairus was a Jewish leader of the synagogue, and one day he found himself in a critical situation [Luke 8:40]. His only daughter, who was 12 years old, was dying. It was a circumstance that he could not handle, so he pleaded to Jesus, and Jesus came to heal his daughter. Now, that's pretty good, when Jesus comes to your house.
Notice that Jesus was asked to come. He doesn't force Himself on anybody. But when Jesus is asked to come, He will make Himself available. God does not violate our free will. It's a mighty good thing to ask God to come to your house. In Revelation, it says, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock." And if we open, He comes in to sup with us. Jesus makes house calls. Peter's mother was sick, and Jesus made a house call. He went to Zacchaeus' house. And when God is in the house, attitudes, personalities and even conversations change.
When Jesus is coming to the house, the devil will try to cancel the invitation. It's right here in the text. A man caught up with Jairus and said, "Your daughter is dead, don't bother the teacher any more." Jesus came anyway and resurrected his daughter from the dead. Satan will try to make us cancel our appointment, to uninvite Jesus. The devil hopes the negative news will make us despondent. Don't ever give up on the Master.
Remember it is never too late for Jesus. Whenever He gets there, He is on time. Mary and Martha thought He was too late for Lazarus, but Lazarus was to rise. Do not be discouraged by negative things in your neighborhood. And don't be surprised if not everybody is happy that God is coming to your house. He's coming at your invitation, and some people won't like it. Whenever Jesus is in the house, there is a positive, can-do attitude, not the naysayers.
In fact, when Jesus is in the house, some things and some folks just can't come in. When Jesus is in your house, some folks you don't have time for. You have to say goodbye to evil and meaningless and unproductive conversations. I'm not trying to hurt any feelings, but when Jesus is in the house some things have got to go.
Some things just don't seem right when God is in the house. That man you are living with, maybe he is not your husband. Or that woman you are sleeping with is not your wife. Some things you've got to get out of the house. In your house, you might have those papers pinned up on the wall, or those little booklets with pictures. Or maybe you are checking the newspaper every day for your horoscope. But when Jesus shows up in the house, you have a new self-confidence and we don't need those things.
When Jesus shows up, He controls that house. He needs to take charge, and you need to back up and move aside and let Christ take control. And when Jesus is in the house, resurrection is going to happen. He exercises His power. And bringing dead things and dead people back to life again is His speciality.
When high blood pressure is lowered, that is resurrection. When cancer is in remission, that is resurrection. When an alcoholic is sober, that is resurrection. When a drug addict is cleaned up, that is resurrection. When a broken marriage is repaired, that's a resurrection. Jesus specializes in resurrection. Why does He specialize in this? So that God may receive the glory and the honor. He specializes to show that the devil is a liar and a fraud and, most of all, a failure.
When Jesus comes to the house, you and I, your friends and everyone else has three choices. They can get out of the way, they can get on board, or they get run over. When He comes He brings resurrection, for a child, for a marriage, for your own life.
Next week: a sermon by the Rev. David McAllister-Wilson at his installation as president of Wesley Theological Seminary.

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