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Barbra's bard
"By now, everyone knows about Barbra Streisand's misrepresentation of William Shakespeare during her performance at the Democratic National Gala.
"Streisand read material which she identified as having been written by Shakespeare. In her defense, she says it had been passed to her by a friend, as an excerpt from 'Julius Caesar' but which is, in fact, an anonymous composition, not Shakespeare at all.
"In fact, it doesn't sound a bit like Shakespeare to even the most casual reader of the Bard's work. "
"But there's a lot more to this story than that. Because not only did Shakespeare not write the words attributed to him by Streisand the words do not in any way reflect Shakespeare's world view particularly on the subject of self-defense and war.
"A Canadian English professor, Robert Einarsson offers this commentary: 'Shakespeare paints the glory and the beauty of war. Loyalty, duty, honor and courage are painted in the most uplifting and inspiring way. "
"'By the way,' adds the good professor, 'only an artistic imbecile would fall for that pathetic quote being Shakespeare. Streisand is a lame-brained sucker. What a dope!'"
Joseph Farah, writing on "Barbra's Shakespeare babble," Thursday in World Net Daily at www.worldnetdaily.com
Teach your children
"So I went up to the antiwar demonstration in Central Park. I know what I feel about this antiwar movement. "
"A movement of Marxist fringe groups and people who are unable to make moral distinctions. An inability summed up by a man holding a big poster that proudly identified him as 'NYC teacher.' The lesson 'NYC teacher' had for the day was that 'Bush is a devil hands off North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan.'
"Yes, Bush is certainly 'a devil' compared to enlightened leaders like Kim Jong Il, who has reduced the North Korean people in his repulsive police state to eating moss on rocks; or to Saddam Hussein, who tortures and gasses opponents, and starves his people to fund his germ-war labs; or to the Taliban in Afghanistan, who beat women into burqas. Yes, surely compared to them, Bush is 'a devil.' Thank God New York's schoolchildren are in such good hands."
Ron Rosenbaum, writing on "Goodbye, All That," in the Oct. 10 issue of the New York Observer
Country choice
"The lyric of 'Red Rag Top,' the first single from [Tim] McGraw's upcoming Curb album, deals with an abortion and its emotional aftermath. While most country radio programmers support the song and say that listener reaction has been positive, others report complaint calls, and a few have pulled the song or refused to play it altogether.
"Written by Jason White, 'Red Rag Top' begins as a coming-of-age song about the relationship between an 18-year-old woman and the 20-year-old narrator. But in the second verse, the woman is pregnant, and the narrator sings, 'Life was fast and the world was cruel/We were young and wild/We decided not to have a child/So we did what we did and we tried to forget/And we swore up and down there would be no regrets.'
"WSM-FM (Live 95) Nashville pulled the song after a handful of spins because of listener complaints about the lyrics. Program director Kevin O'Neal, who says he 'was just being safe,' has since reversed that decision.
"But WCOS, Columbia, S.C., operations manager Ron Brooks says he is 'unlikely' to ever play the song again because of a strong negative reaction from his audience. 'Abortion is the most divisive issue in our nation, and it is a very hot topic in this part of the country,' Brooks explains. Such controversy doesn't appear to have held the record back on Billboard's Top Country Singles & Tracks chart. It debuted at No. 34 a few weeks ago, rising to No. 18 this week."
from "New Country Music Single Deals With Past Abortion" in the Oct. 6 issue of Billboard

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