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Titanic teens

"Public health officials and doctors have been fighting teen pregnancy for decades now.

"I myself worked for nearly a decade prescribing birth control to teens. I believed that oral contraception was the most powerful weapon I had to help teens avoid life-altering dilemmas. But I realize now that what we've been doing has been akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. We now face a gargantuan consequence of that sexual freedom: At the same time teen pregnancies declined, the STD [sexually transmitted diseases] epidemic shot through the roof. The sexual freedom that birth control allows teens has done a good deal to promote the rise in disease.

"Condoms are no answer either. Condoms do little to prevent many viral infections spread by skin-to-skin contact, especially HPV and herpes."

Dr. Meg Meeker, from her new book, "Epidemic: How Teen Sex Is Killing Our Kids"

The enemy of fear

@Text.rag:"[T]he cowboy by definition is a heroic type. He is alone. He is always surrounded by chaos or lawlessness, which he has to fix. Even when he wears a tin star, he is somehow more than the law, he is the law's executioner. He cleans up the dusty town in 'High Noon' so it is fit to live in for women and children. The cowboy is the enemy of fear. He kills the outlaws. Law and civilization are re-established.

"When John Wayne kills Liberty Valance, the man who is terrorizing the town, in cold blood, he does so because Valance would have killed the one who represents the law in a legal gunfight. Not only would Jimmy Stewart have died, but the law itself would have died in Shinbone. It is always thus, the cowboy somehow stands outside the law, yet for the sake of the law and for the sake of right. He becomes a lifeline to those who are afraid. Then he rides into the sunset, alone.

"[W]e Americans understand the simple things, and we like our presidents to wear cowboy boots and explain that they want the bad guy dead or alive, and feel perfectly at home with the Teddy Roosevelt quote a visitor finds on Secretary of Defense [Donald H.] Rumsfeld's desk: 'Aggressive fighting for the right is the noblest sport the world affords.' Eventually we will also ride off into the sunset, but not yet, not yet."

Peter W. Schramm, writing on "Cowboy," in the October issue of On Principle

'It's that simple'

"I'm a gun owner. 'Snuffy' is my .38 snubnose Smith & Wesson. As a woman, I know that a firearm is the only thing that truly equalizes me if I'm faced with someone determined to do me harm. Anyone who enters my home with malevolent intentions will not leave standing up. It's that simple.

"As a defender of the Second Amendment, I knew it was only a matter of time before opponents of our right to bear arms couldn't stand it anymore and started to exploit the tragedy brought to us by the cowardly freak dubbed the Beltway Sniper. Anti-gun political candidates are using it to make hay with their self-defense-supporting opponents; professional haters of firearms are, as usual, shouting from hill and dale that the sky is falling.

"The sniper isn't cowed by gun laws or the rhetoric of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend about the evils of firearms. The deranged and the criminal will always get their guns, just as those who wanted a drink during Prohibition got their booze.

"The reality is that gun laws only serve to keep firearms out of the hands of the law-abiding and cost those good people their lives by giving the murderous clear, risk-free targets.

"Let evildoers from Osama bin Laden to the Beltway Sniper know this: American individuals will defend this nation, our neighbors and ourselves. Snuffy and I, and our compatriots throughout this great country, guarantee it."

Tammy Bruce, writing on "Snuffy and Me," Oct. 16 in News Max at www.newsmax.com

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