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Marching in lockstep

"Someone once asked me which was tougher, playing football or being a member of Congress.

"'That's easy,' I told him. 'Being in Congress. With football, at least you know you're getting blitzed by the other side!'

"Independent spirits and political ideologues are seldom compatible. The Jesse Jacksons, Julian Bonds and Gary Bauers of the world share very little when it comes to political philosophy, but ironically, they march in lockstep when it comes to demanding political purity as the price of admission to their respective groups.

"I had known for a long time just how strong the group identity issue was in the black community, especially with national black leaders. They believe all black people should think and act alike. If you don't, you're accused of forgetting where you came from or you become the target of the kind of invective that was leveled at me for giving the State of the Union response. What I hadn't understood was the importance of group identity to conservative and even Christian leaders involved in politics.

"I don't need the input of any lobbying organization to help me know what it means to be a Christian or a conservative."

Rep. J.C. Watts Jr., from his new book "What Color is a Conservative?"

Exploited evangelist

"Last week yielded more anti-Christian hysteria on some of the nation's editorial pages. The Washington Post was shocked, shocked, that Jerry Falwell, on the Oct. 6 CBS show '60 Minutes,' called Muhammad 'a terrorist.'

"News flash: For centuries, Christian ministers have strongly opposed Islam. Jonathan Edwards, often called America's leading thinker, attacked Muhammad's 'pretences to intercourses with heaven, and his success in rapine, murder and violence.' Ah, but Edwards wrote that 250 years ago; haven't we learned since then?

"In this country, we vigorously debate Christ and His legacy; can we not do the same with Muhammad? Because so many Muslim countries suppress freedom of speech and freedom of religion, must the United States also? Jerry Falwell spoke bluntly, but he is a plainspoken Baptist preacher, not a diplomat. With him, what you see is what you get.

"He reported that ['60 Minutes host] Bob Simon had called him back once the uproar began, fishing for more, and that he had complained about CBS extracting from 1½ hours of interview tape that divisive side remark. 'I believe you exploited me and took advantage of me as a person,' he told Mr. Simon, who quickly got off the phone."

Marvin Olasky, writing on "Lights, Camera, Exploitation," in the Oct. 19 issue of World

Unfeminist facts

"Biology, human biology at least, is not feminist. The sheer unfairness of it is a brutal shadow from the Pleistocene casting a shade into our modern world. 'There will never be true equality between the sexes,' says Lord Winston, test-tube-baby pioneer and fertility expert. 'You and I are making gametes sperm cells all the time, every single day well into old age. Women, on the other hand, are losing them.'

"The bleak biology of female aging makes grim reading for any feminist female or male. By the age of 40, not only does a woman have far fewer eggs than she did when she was young; it is probable that these old sex cells will be of lower quality.

"At age 30, most women are about 90 percent as fertile as they were in their early 20s the best time to have a baby. But by the age of 35 this ability to procreate starts to decline, rather dramatically, in a way that has been dubbed the 'fertility cliff.' At 45 the chances of getting pregnant are in single-figure percentages. But men, of course, continue making sperm all their lives. These are the facts of life.

"But you wouldn't know it, to speak to women."

Michael Hanlon, writing on "Baby Gloom," in the Oct. 19 issue of the Spectator

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