- The Washington Times - Sunday, October 6, 2002

The people who object to those of us who enjoy eating tasty animals are at it again, this time waging war on milk-drinkers. I'm referring to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) zealots. Targeting college newspapers with ads suggesting students drink beer instead of milk shows just how far over the edge the group is. They call it their "Got Beer" campaign, named after the successful dairy industry "Got Milk" commercials. It appears the PETA people may be a little too far into the suds themselves to think straight.
How milking a cow is considered cruel is beyond my comprehension. Not milking a cow that needs milking is cruel. The PETA organization is not known for any deep thinking when it comes to promoting their cause. Urging our kids to drink beer in place of milk is simply an attention-getting ploy and will most likely hurt PETA in the long run. Cruelty to PETA is to be applauded. I think we have enough problems on campus with binge-drinking without these morons urging our kids to abandon milk.
Apparently, they tried this beer campaign once before and received so much criticism from Mothers Against Drunk Driving and other groups that they packed it in. They don't seem to care that they are putting the welfare of animals ahead of the well-being of our children with their beer campaign. One of their head nuts, Bruce Friedrich, even claims drinking milk is harming the health of our young. It makes you wonder how he would feel about a beer-guzzling college mother breast-feeding her baby.
Animal-rights groups are the closest thing to terrorists we have in this country. In fact, some of them have used terrorist methods to disrupt activities where animals are used for research purposes. Encouraging our children to drink beer is mild compared to some of their other endeavors. I suppose we should be pleased they are focusing their attention on the dairy industry, where they will get absolutely nowhere in convincing people to give up beef, cheese and milk.
Many of the newspapers running the advertisements are at universities considered to be the top party schools in the country. I doubt the students need any encouragement to increase their consumption. Brigham Young University refused to run the ad, which gives true meaning to the phrase "higher learning."
I wonder how the nation's leading breweries feel about a fringe group such as PETA teaming up with them. Also, how does PETA feel about all those Clydesdale horses pulling that beer wagon through the snow every Christmas season?
If these animal lovers are truly interested in preventing cruelty, why don't they make an effort to do something about the millions of homeless cats in this country and leave the cows alone? There are thousands of cat shelters in our cities filled to capacity by those animal lovers who decide they no longer want their cat. Cows are cared for just like a thoroughbred horse and receive the best of everything so they will produce some of the most nutritious foods in the world. Save the cows, stamp out PETA.

Dick Boland is a nationally syndicated columnist.

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