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Kevin Bacon in "Footloose"
"If you ever come across Kevin Bacon at a wedding or bar mitzvah or even just walking down the street whatever you do, don't mention the F-word. He really, really hates that.
"'For 15 years of my life, every time I went to a wedding, a bar mitzvah, a club, or a disco, the disc jockey would play "Footloose," at which point people would form a circle around me and start to clap in unison, expecting me to start flipping and performing like a trained monkey,' the actor gripes in an interview with Biography magazine.
"And sometimes it doesn't even take a DJ to get the crowd cooking.
"'I hate when I walk down the street and someone yells, "Hey, Footloose!"' he says. 'I have literally made dozens of movies after that, but somehow there are people who still expect me to wear my hair spiky and dance around like a kid.'"
Amy Reiter, writing on "Let's Not Hear It for the Boy," yesterday in Salon at www.salon.com

Arab boomers
"Beginning in the 1970s and continuing well into the 1990s, a dramatic drop in infant mortality rates, coupled with migration and high fertility, triggered a population surge across the Middle East. According to the Population Reference Bureau, a think tank based in Washington, D.C., the region's population growth rate has become the highest in the world. The area's population tripled, to 380 million in 2000 from 1000 million in 1950. Today, close to two-thirds of those 380 million Middle Easterners are under age 25.
"The sheer number of these Arab Boomers will give them more influence over the course of their nations than any other generation before them.
"To be sure, there's plenty of reason to be concerned with any youth bulge. Indeed, the one generalization demographers are willing to make is that youth bulges disrupt the social equilibrium, invariably inviting turmoil and drastic change.
"Demographic shifts can predict political turmoil and social unrest around the world, [according to University of Hawaii professor Gary Fuller]. 'All societies have an ideal age structure,' notes Fuller. 'If you violate that balance, you naturally create new challenges and instabilities.'"
Hassan Fattah, writing on "The Middle East Baby Boom," in the September issue of American Demographics

Hating America
"When your country is attacked there can be no such thing as an 'anti-war' movement. Protesters against America's war on terror are not peaceniks, they are America-haters and saboteurs, and they should be treated as such.
"'The flag has become a symbol of U.S. aggression towards other countries,' declared Jessica Quindel, president of the Graduate Assembly at UC Berkeley as she explained why she and her comrades tried to ban the red, white and blue for the university's [September 11] remembrance. Jessica Quindel is what I call a traitor of the heart, someone who shares with Osama Bin Laden the belief that America is the Great Satan and who would aid and abet any enemy, Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein it really doesn't matter before she would embrace her own country and its defense. This is the creed of the sick Fifth Column in this country, whose base is the pc university and whose intellectual gurus are Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn. To call these wretched people Benedict Arnolds would be an insult to a man who did betray his country but did so, at least, in behalf of a tolerant democracy. These post-modern traitors do it in behalf of murderers and fanatics, do it in behalf of nothing more, really, than a blind, fanatical hate, which is really a self-hate.
"Let us respect their right to express themselves, but let us not make the mistake of respecting them."
David Horowitz, writing on "America Haters," yesterday in Front Page at www.frontpagemag.com

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