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'Freedom fighter'
"To this day, the Reuters news service will not use the words 'terror' or 'terrorists' (except in quotations) when referring to the horror of September 11. 'We all know,' its global news editor has explained, 'that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.'
"Such fastidious nonjudgmentalism does not reflect careful journalistic objectivity. It reflects a broken moral compass and it leads to a debased judgmentalism of its own. Last week, Reuters transmitted a six-month-old photo of the attack site in Lower Manhattan, and described it with this grotesque caption:
"'Recovery and debris removal work continues at the site of the World Trade Center known as 'ground zero' in New York. Human rights around the world have been a casualty of the U.S. "war on terror" since September 11.'
"It is hard to say which is more contemptible: The mocking quotation marks around 'war on terror' or the assertion that that war the chief effect of which so far has been the liberation of Afghanistan from the Taliban has harmed 'human rights around the world.' But that is where you end up if you begin from the premise that there is no moral difference between a freedom fighter and Osama bin Laden."
Jeff Jacoby, writing on "Against Moral Confusion," posted Sept. 12 on jewishworldreview.com

Who's the fanatic?
"I was invited as a guest on Sept. 3 to appear on 'The O'Reilly Factor' to discuss my commentary 'The Gay Spin Zone' dealing with the media, the promotion of homosexuality and its devastating effects on America's children. I was also on to discuss Bill's disturbing September interview in the national homosexual publication the Advocate, where he embraces and supports many aspects of the 'gay-rights' agenda.
"When the cameras began rolling and O'Reilly began speaking, I sensed in my spirit something was not right.
"The next four minutes were unreal. The man I highly respected and watched for several years seemed to change from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde right in front of me.
"This intelligent man, who often affirms his religious roots and heritage as an Irish Catholic, continued his verbal offensive by stating he has a problem with the Old Testament and that much of the Bible, including the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, is allegorical, not to be taken as real events.
"Any Christian, according to O'Reilly, who believes the Bible literally is a 'fanatic.'"
Stephen Bennett, writing on "A Faithful Fanatic," Thursday in the Culture and Family Report

Big hair, y'all
"Big hair says working class, rural or small town, country music, barbecue, NASCAR, Sam's Club, family, kids, vacations at Myrtle Beach. Big hair says Baptist Big hair is young, sexy, robust, healthy, full of possibility ready to wallpaper the den or go out for a night on the town. The largeness of Southern beauty is part of the largeness of Southern life in general. As Shreve says to Quentin, discussing the South in 'Absalom, Absalom!': 'It's better than Ben Hur.'
"Well, it's not. Our changing demographics infusions of money, industry, immigrants and northerners are turning large sections of the South into the Sunbelt, a prosperous suburban sprawl indistinguishable from the rest of the country.
"Today's 'belle' or 'good old girl' is likely to be found stuck in traffic on the [Interstate 285 perimeter] around Atlanta, talking to her home office on a cell phone. She may be divorced. She may have a tattoo. But she's probably charming, and she's probably smart and she probably knows how to act sweet and get what she wants. The South is mostly an idea now, but it's a strong idea. One of my aims has been to disprove the myth that Southern women are neurasthenic types, fainting on sofas behind closed doors. The truth is that we are all about as fragile as coal trucks."
Lee Smith, writing on "Inside the Bee Hive," in the September issue of Allure

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