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A license to reclaim land

Of course, anyone with a modicum of common sense knows that granting driver's licenses to illegal aliens aids and abets the violation of federal immigration laws ("Illegal immigrants and driver's licenses," Editorial, Sunday). Unfortunately, there's a big difference between knowing and caring. In any event, why are people like California State Assembly member Gil Cedillo pushing so hard to get Gov. Gray Davis to sign a bill that would grant licenses to illegals?

Well, let's look at the background of Mr. Cedillo, a former member of MECha, a Mexican student organization at UCLA. According to MECha's statement "El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan," Latinos must rectify "the brutal 'gringo' invasion of our territories. We, the Chicano inhabitants and civilizers of the northern land of Aztlan from whence came our forefathers, reclaiming the land of their birth and consecrating the determination of our people of the sun, declare that the call of our blood is our power, our responsibility, and our inevitable destiny."

As further evidence of his anti-Americanism, at the Southwest Voter Registration Project's 1997 annual conference, Mr. Cedillo, a former union leader, stated: "We move the union movement deep into the Latino community. We have displaced other work communities clothing, hotel and restaurant industries used to be done by blacks and Anglos. Now we need to organize to be in a position to lead this country. Because of immigration and the birth rate, our population is growing Latinos are all over this nation."

There are thousands of displaced janitors and union drywall installers throughout California who lost their jobs to illegal immigrants the janitors in the 1980s and the drywall installers in the '90s. So this American citizen, Gil Cedillo, openly brags about displacing his fellow citizens with, in many cases, illegal aliens. Now he schemes to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

Abraham Lincoln nailed this kind of stupid pantomime when he said: "It is true that you may fool all the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all the time; but you can't fool all of the people all the time."


Glendora, Calif.

Better 'Teflon Tony' than rusty old D.C. leadership

After reading "Will brush with 'political death' change Teflon Tony?" (Metro, Friday), it seems clear that columnist Adrienne T. Washington is one of those D.C. observers who have a bone to pick with Mr. Williams. The common theme voiced by her, Marion Barry, the Rev. Willie Wilson and other malcontents is that the District should return to the days of irresponsible fiscal management and urban decay.

As an outsider looking in from the Maryland suburbs, during Mayor Williams' watch I have seen a new respect for the District's mayor from Congress, the nation and the world as a whole. I see the city has balanced its budget and weaned itself from the Financial Control Board. I see marked improvement in neighborhoods, especially around New York and Georgia avenues. I see a city that was able to secure a high placement in the selection process for the Olympics.

What I do notsee is refreshing, too. Although Mr. Williams has stumbled into a few minefields, nothing he has done compares with the videotaping of Mr. Barry's exploits. While the latter's supporters have forgiven his irresponsible behavior, they want to crucify Mr. Williams. As an Adams Morgan resident commented, although the petition workers violated the voting process, at least the city has a voting process to violate. The petition workers have to be held personally accountable for their illegal and irresponsible behavior. No leader should be judged by the unethical behavior of maverick staffers.

Yet, how ethical was it for Mr. Barry to bring the city to its knees financially, spiritually and morally with the support of his friend Mr. Wilson? Now these two have forged a partnership to give Mr. Barry's supporters an avenue to return the District to the days of irresponsibility. What a travesty if some stroke of misfortune ever allowed Mr. Wilson to become mayor.

Wouldn't it have been nice if Mrs. Washington had brokered efforts to bring all the residents of the District together instead of working to divide them further? For once in my life, I would like to see black people work together instead of engaging in our usual self-destructive politicking.


Upper Marlboro, Md.

Rep. Gilchrest is no conservative

I found it interesting and even amusing to read in "Rival advocacy groups contend over GOP candidates" (Nation, Sunday) that officials at the Republican Main Street Partnership (RMSP) "were angered by the fact that [Maryland Rep. Wayne T.] Gilchrest was targeted" for defeat in his recent primary election by a broad spectrum of conservative organizations. Mr. Gilchrest might have been angry, but certainly he should not have been surprised, given his liberal voting record over the past dozen years in Congress.

The laughable and deceitful part of this article was the RMSP claim that Mr. Gilchrest "has consistently shown himself to be a fiscal conservative." In fact, he is so much of a big-spending, high-tax politician that he was among the bottom 11 percent of Republican members of Congress rated by the National Taxpayers Union a leading national fiscal conservative organization that does not take positions on "social issues."

Even worse, Mr. Gilchrest was ranked eighth among Republican members of Congress most loyal to former President Clinton, voting with Mr. Clinton's position 64 percent of the time in one congressional session. Finally, the Almanac of American Politics in 1998 rated Mr. Gilchrest 48 percent liberal on economic issues, 59 percent liberal on social issues and 56 percent liberal on foreign-policy issues.

According to the article, members of RMSP "describe themselves as fiscal conservatives but 'socially compassionate.'" Is it compassionate for government to take more of our money in taxes than the average family spends on housing, clothing and food combined? Being for big government and high taxes is not fiscal conservatism, but I suppose it depends on what the meaning of "is" is. If their support for Mr. Gilchrest is any indication, accuracy in advertising would require RMSP members to call themselves RINOs: Republicans In Name Only.


Fairfax, Va.

'The Gay Spin Zone'

A Monday brief extracted from Stephen Bennett's Culture and Family Report describes Mr. Bennett's appearance on Fox News Channel's "The O'Reilly Factor" (Culture, et cetera). Mr. Bennett says he was invited to "discuss my commentary 'The Gay Spin Zone' dealing with the media, the promotion of homosexuality and its devastating effects on America's children." Instead, he said, Mr. O'Reilly was, well, less than understanding.

Mr. Bennett's point of view about homosexual parenting is incredibly flawed, and that is at the root of his downfall on "The O'Reilly Factor." There is substantial evidence that children born to and/or raised by homosexuals are blessed with loving, nurturing, healthy home environments and that these children grow up to be productive members of society.

Proof lies in the millions of children with homosexual parents, the substantial number of homosexual adoptions and gay-friendly judicial decisions on custody arrangements, and in the media. Most recently, Diane Sawyer on ABC's "Primetime" and Linda Ellerbee on Nickelodeon ("Nick News Special Edition: My Family is Different") presented compelling programs on the children of homosexual people, demonstrating that those children are lucky to have loving homes as an alternative to foster care or orphanages.

Mr. Bennett and others of his ilk refuse to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence that refutes his argument about the "devastating effects on America's children." Instead of examining truthful evidence, he chooses to whine about Mr. O'Reilly's intelligent position on homosexual parenting. It is this extremist point of view that got him a spot on Mr. O'Reilly's show and contributes to his marginalization in modern discourse on gay rights issues.



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