- The Washington Times - Monday, April 21, 2003

The District and Metropolitan Police are cracking down on longtime visitors and residents parked in crowded neighborhoods with out-of-state plates.
It is called ROSA, Registration of Out of State Automobiles, and there are 16 nighttime monitors patrolling the eight wards in search of violators.
"ROSA works in our community," said Christopher Lively, 39, advisory neighborhood commissioner for Glover Park, north of Georgetown. "In our community, we have cars from all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. Parking is tight. We should not have to drive around 45 minutes to find a parking space."
Visitors expecting to stay in the District for as long as two weeks should get visitor parking papers for their vehicles from the nearest police precinct station, said Mary Myers, spokeswoman for the District's Department of Public Works.
Visitor parking papers may be renewed.
New residents should register their vehicles at the Department of Motor Vehicles, obtaining new D.C. plates, within 30 days of moving to the District, Ms. Myers said.
"People weren't doing that," Ms. Myers said. "On-the-street parking is for the convenience of short-time guests and business delivery services."
Glover Park is in Ward 3 and was mainly responsible for resurrecting ROSA, which was enacted in the 1980s but discontinued because of budget shortages early in the 1990s, Mr. Lively said.
"It was totally motivated by residents," Ms. Myers said. "It is at the request of residents and council members."
The monitors, patrolling from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m., began their beats in January. Each carries a miniature computer to record a license tag, and when and where a violation is seen.
A warning ticket is issued when a violation is seen a second time. A third violation within 30 days results in a penalizing traffic ticket.
Violators may be fined $100, Ms. Myers said.
Mr. Lively amended that to explain that a $100 fine may be levied for every day that a violation is noted after the warning ticket is issued.
Curbside parking is limited in Glover Park, which has 8,000 residents living in less than a square mile. Mr. Lively said similar parking problems are found in Boston, San Francisco and Miami Beach.
Some residents keep their out-of-state license plates to avoid such duties as buying new plates, paying taxes and serving on juries. Mr. Lively labeled such evasion "safety, insurance and tax fraud."
Mr. Lively said that before ROSA, a car bearing California plates in Glover Park was falling apart at the curb.
A Glover Park newsletter has advised residents about the ROSA requirements and enforcement.
"There are a large number of out-of-states parking on private property," Mr. Lively said.



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