- The Washington Times - Wednesday, April 23, 2003

NICOSIA, Cyprus Following are excerpts from columns by several Turkish analysts on the Kurdish problem:

Yalcin Dogan in Istanbul Hurriyet:
"The Kurdish phobia in Ankara has reached such a point that, for example, when the subject of humanitarian aid was mentioned by [Secretary of State Colin L.] Powell, our officials complained by saying, "But the aid would be going to the Kurds!"

Cemal Ucar in (pro Kurdish) Neu-Isenburg ozgur Politika:
"Turkey is cooperating with the United States on the one hand, and on the other, with classic Middle Eastern slyness, it is holding meetings with Syria and Iran and trying to develop a joint policy against the Kurds."

Ismet Berkan in Istanbul Radikal:
"There is no sign of a Kurdish state on the horizon. America has been stressing Iraqi territorial integrity time and time again since the start of the war. It is logical because of the fear that once Iraq starts breaking up, the partitioning might affect the whole of the Middle East."

Avni Ozgurel in Istanbul Radikal:
"One must be completely ignorant to think that the Kurds, having fought on Washington's side, could live with the Arabs under the same roof."

Hikmet Cetin in (pro Kurdish) Neu-Isenburg Ozgur Politika:
"We should not forget that the identity of the Kurds has always been denied, and that efforts have always been made to annihilate the Kurds."



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