- The Washington Times - Monday, December 1, 2003

Segura Viudas, Brut Cava “Reserva,” nv, $9.

Corks are beginning to pop. People open more bottles of Champagne and sparkling wine in the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s than in all the rest of the year. If you’re planning a bubbly holiday, here’s a great bargain-priced wine to try.

(Next week I’ll offer a more expensive champagne recommendation.)

Made from grapes grown in Penedes, near Barcelona, Segura Viudas’ non-vintage “reserva” is fashioned much like champagne, with a second fermentation in the bottle.

The grapes, though, are native Spanish ones — macebo, parelleda and varello. They yield a bright, lively wine with a nutty finish.

Though Spanish cavas sometimes can taste harsh and austere, this one’s great virtue is its vivid citrus and apple flavors. You certainly can drink it on its own, but don’t forget it with food. Good bubbly is a wonderfully versatile dinner partner.



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