- The Washington Times - Sunday, February 2, 2003

SELMA, Ala. The company behind the Buckmasters Classic, a near-weeklong adventure for seriously ill or disabled deer hunters, was founded by CEO Jackie Bushman in the summer of 1985.
In the relatively short time since, Buckmasters Ltd., has become the world's largest association of deer hunters, with a national membership of nearly 400,000. It publishes the Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine for deer hunters, Rack magazine for big-game trophy hunters, conducts a Young Bucks Outdoors program for children and annually sells thousands of hunting-oriented books and videos. The Buckmasters television series on cable channel TNN is a national favorite among hunters.
Its Web site (buckmasters.com) receives more hits than the patrons of a never-ending Las Vegas blackjack game. The company also conducts the Buckmasters Top Bow Indoor competitions, as well as a huge annual deer show, the Buckmasters Expo in Montgomery, Ala., and, of course, the Buckmasters Classic that of late has been near Selma, Ala.
The Buckmasters American Deer Foundation (BADF) is a separate non-profit corporation that focuses on serving people. Its Disabled Hunter Services division looks to the 1.7million Americans with severe physical handicaps who enjoy hunting and various shooting sports. BADF organizes hunting opportunities on private lands or with commercial outfitters.
Unlike the regular Buckmasters organization that calls for membership dues, the BADF activities are free, supported by sponsors and Buckmasters chapters everywhere.
The best way disabled hunters can contact the BADF is to e-mail director David Sullivan at [email protected]; write to the BADF Disabled Hunter Services, P.O. Box 244022, Montgomery, Ala. 36124-4402; 800/240-3337, ext. 233.
Gene Mueller



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