- The Washington Times - Sunday, February 23, 2003


It seems there's never an end to household fix-it jobs that require sticking things together — and no end to the variety of products that offer to help complete such chores.

A little while ago we visited the adhesives isle at our local "giant box" home improvement store, where we found dozens and dozens of glues — and therefore dozens and dozens of labels to read.

Gone are the days when good old Elmer's glue-all was about all you needed to buy when re-attaching any porous material — that an a tube of Testor's model airplane cement. Now, there's a vast array of competitors. Even Elmer himself is being challenged. Another product features a bull, this one promoting hide glue. That's on the same order as a pig advertising barbecue — smiling because he's not the one being served on the plate.

With all these products to choose from, we figured someboday had to have started up a clever Web site to help you choose the proper product to solve your adhesive dilemma.

Yup, found it — thistothat.com — which features "Glue this" and "to that" drop-down menus. When you select from both, you then click "Let's Glue" to get a report on the proper goo for the job.

The site's creators claim their recommendations are totally impartial and, based on our own test results, we're generally pleased with the selections and the variety. Also, the trivia page is worth a visit.

Speaking of which, Elsie, the Borden cow, was born around 1937. She married (they say the reception was bovine, er, divine) Elmer some time in the late 1940s. Two children came from this, this … well there's a frisky daughter named Daisy and a son named Beauregard.

Yeah, no bull!

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