- The Washington Times - Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Get to FedEx Field right now for Crazy Danny's greatest club seat sale ever!

Sign a 10-year contract and get a 38 percent price hike right away, with a 3 percent jump after that every year for the rest of the contract!

Or keep your current contract for the next four years and watch the price more than double after that, and keep jumping 5 percent every year until 2012!

Get there now! It's a one-time discount!

Crazy Danny! His prices are insane!

Not since that wild man of the electronics world, Crazy Eddie, has anyone come up with a pitch like Crazy Danny Snyder is offering club seat season ticket owners.

Really, this offer has to seal Crazy Danny's place in the Chutzpah Hall of Fame. The team has called it an "upgrade," "below market pricing" and a "savings plan."

What a deal! Crazy Danny! He's practically giving it all away!

This makes the whole Redskins 70th anniversary scheme seem innocent. At least Redskins fans got to enjoy looking back at when the team was winning and something to be proud of.

All they are getting with this "discount" is the likelihood that they will be paying a lot more to watch a mediocre team on the field.

Really, all Redskins fans have to go on to make this financial commitment is the track record of Crazy Danny. If you take away his first year, when he took over the team just before the season began and barely had a chance to work his craziness (the only year they had a winning record and went to the playoffs), this is what you are investing in: a 23-25 team.

Of course, things are supposed to be better now that Steve Spurrier has a year of NFL coaching under his belt. Now he has a firm grasp of such complicated concepts as this: Special teams are important in the NFL. And, of course, he is a much better evaluator of talent now than he was last year, when he went into the season with Danny Wuerffel and Shane Matthews as his quarterbacks and barely acknowledged the one guy on the roster who could actually throw the ball, rookie Patrick Ramsey.

That's what Crazy Danny is asking you to do invest a lot more money with the hope that Spurrier will lead the team to the Super Bowl. After all, that is what he did $25million worth over five years and all he is doing is passing that hope, not to mention the cost, on to the fans.

In a way, it's sort of like a loyalty oath. At least that's the way the Redskins see it. "This is a loyalty thing," team spokesman Karl Swanson told The Washington Times.

I guess asking fans to pay $10 to watch training camp two years ago, that was a loyalty thing, too.

I guess banning people from walking into FedEx Field, save for those who paid $25 to park at the old Capital Centre lot leased by the Redskins, that was a loyalty thing, too.

Ticket prices, parking prices, program prices the price of everything has been going up at FedEx Field since Crazy Danny took over, each step apparently a test of the loyalty of Redskins fans. And every week they line up and declare their loyalty with their wallets, even though they have gotten little in return from Crazy Danny except the illusion of Redskins past glory.

Oh, yes, I forgot. Those who are wealthy enough to own club seats can reap the rewards of their loyalty by getting the chance to lock into a new deal that will nearly double the price they are paying now within 10 years.

So, you see, this loyalty thing is a two-way street. You, the fan, are loyal to the Redskins. Crazy Danny, the owner, is loyal to your money. OK, maybe it's not a two-way street after all, more like a one-way street and a dark alley, the place where Crazy Danny does business. And his prices are insane!

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