- The Washington Times - Saturday, January 25, 2003

Seen and heard last night at United Center in Chicago:
HIGGINS ON JORDAN: Wizards assistant general manager Rod Higgins was a member of the Bulls when Michael Jordan was drafted in 1984. Higgins had heard how good Jordan was, but he wasn't completely sold on him until he got on the court.
Once that happened, though, he knew Jordan was something special.
"The first day in practice you knew right away he was the best player on the team," Higgins said. "That's uncanny for a rookie. That's something that you usually learn. It's something that you acquire over time. But it was clear with him right away. He came in, and he established himself as the best player. We didn't have bad veterans. I mean, our team wasn't very good. But for a rookie to come in and establish that, that's what stood out the most."
LONGING FOR HOME: Jordan played the majority of his home games at Chicago Stadium, one of the old NBA arenas that was reduced to rubble and replaced by new luxury box-laden palaces, such as their current home.
Jordan loved the old building, which was replaced by United Center for the 1994-95 season.
"I hated the new place," Jordan said. "It didn't have any of the character that [Chicago Stadium] had. Their was something special about the old stadium. There was something about it that couldn't be replaced."
John N. Mitchell



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