- The Washington Times - Saturday, July 19, 2003

My psychiatrist has determined I really don’t have an infatuation with playing volleyball within the confines of a television screen but rather just have an appreciation for pixilated women dressed in skimpy bikinis.

So with a healthy libido (hey, what nitwit needs to play a video volleyball game anyway?), I plunged into another extremely twisted summer challenge featuring beauties whose most pronounced assets bounce more than the sphere they smack back and forth at one another.

Simon and Schuster Interactive has created a volleyball extravaganza acting as sort of a sequel to its Outlaw Golf title. It offers a return of key characters like biker babe Harley and Steve Carell from Comedy Central’s “Daily Show,” who once again suffers from a severe case of repetition-itis after about 30 minutes of his campy commentary.

Confined to a 2-on-2 contest, the game boasts gorgeous animations, 16 avatars to choose from eventually, 10 strange arenas and simple control schematics that allow two players the chance to set up, spike, dig and serve.

Unlike Tecmo’s Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, which concentrated on the many fantasies of a male chauvinist pig, this game features more competition and, oh yeah, some annoying men to clutter the view.

A typical match might involve London punk Lizzy and string bikini-clad American Indian Shawnee against the pompous El Suave and corrupted athlete Leon. The quartet can choose from various match options, such as using exploding balls to keep the pace moving quickly or playing in luxurious venues like a backyard on Staten Island or a women’s prison in Joliet, Ill.

Additionally, just like Outlaw Golf, characters can get a shot of adrenalin by punching the lights out of an opponent. Tokens accumulated for excellent play can be cashed in to turn the twisted sports simulation into a simplistic fighter complete with punches, kicks and a special move to disable a smart aleck.

Among the various modes of action — Exhibition, Random Play and Tour — the latter will be the most rewarding for those plunking down the required cash for the game, with its 50 eclectic events being executed through all of the courts.

Those looking for a chuckle can turn to the multiple drills that allow you to increase a lame character’s skills, ranging from a Space Invaders homage in which the player must bean spectators as they move toward him to instructions on blocking a ball — and getting rewarded with a cheesecake pose of the sultry Summer.

The game comes saddled with an “M” rating because of profanity, violence and risque humor, though there’s no gratuitous nudity. Males looking for a reason to take a cold shower, however, can find a cheat code floating around various sites on the Internet to increase the ladies’ proportions — and I don’t mean waist lines.

Other features include a decent selection of current music, an awesome replay feature to zero in on the females and the ability to challenge any opponent around the world through the Xbox Live system.

Outlaw Volleyball mixes sophomoric laughs and decent action with plenty of voyeuristic attitude to appeal to any dateless dude on a Saturday night.

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