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Future shock

“I interviewed a spokeswoman for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation who said morality is simply a matter for the public to decide through politics.

“Asked why polygamists are still getting a tough battle in the courts, she said it is simply because there are not enough polygamists and they are not sufficiently organized to make their case.

“She’s right. And just as [Supreme Court Justice Antonin] Scalia predicted in his dissent [from a decision striking down a Texas sodomy law], you can bank on polygamists organizing around the same legal language employed by the homosexual activists. …

“It’s coming. That’s the future. Just watch the news.

“That’s how America decides what is right and wrong today — based on public-opinion polls and the clout of narrow, special-interest groups. …

“Are there no eternal truths anymore? Is there no right and wrong? Is it all just a question of pop-culture whim?”

Joseph Farah, writing on “Pushy homosexuality,” Wednesday in WorldNetDaily at www.worldnetdaily.com

Importing poverty

“We all know that Hispanic immigrants are going to turn into conservative Republicans because of their ‘Hispanic family values.’ We know this because the Wall Street Journal editorial page keeps telling us so.

“Unfortunately, what we know has this unfortunate drawback: It’s not true.

“Overall, Hispanics show a significantly higher level of social pathology than American whites. There are even signs that, as a group, Hispanics may displace American blacks and form a new underclass.

“Illegitimacy rates: Unmarried Hispanic women aged 15-44 are about one-third again as likely to have a child as unmarried black women in that age bracket … and more than three times as unmarried white women. …

“Abortion: Hispanic women are two and a half times more likely to have abortions than white women … and nearly two-thirds as likely as black women. …

“Teenage pregnancy: Hispanics are high (about 94 per 1,000 vs. 32 for whites) and relatively worsening — they’ve now surpassed blacks (83 per 1,000). …

“If current trends and immigration policies continue, Hispanics will clearly soon replace blacks as America’s most disadvantaged ethnic group. On some key indicators they are already in last place.”

Ed Rubenstein, writing on “Hispanic Family Values?” Tuesday at www.vdare.com

Hollywood dissent

“There’s something … about [HBOs ‘Six Feet Under] that I’ve found surprising, and that should hold some appeal for conservatives. Alan Ball and his team of writers have shown a courageous willingness to challenge Hollywood orthodoxy on the subject of prenatal life, on the moral absolute of abortion rights, and on the soul-carrying capacity of a fetus.

“It’s probably a stretch to say the show is ‘pro-life,’ or even ‘anti-abortion,’ but it has at least been sympathetic to the idea that abortion is more than a mere personal choice rooted in identity politics — that it is a very real decision with very real consequences, and perhaps for parties other than just the woman who chooses to get one. …

“In the show’s second season, Nate Fisher [Peter Krause] (engaged at the time) confronts an old flame (Lisa) who tells him she’s pregnant with his child — and that she’s choosing to have the baby. Keeping with the show’s habit of employing ghostly visions and apparitions, we later see Nate working late in his office. A little girl enters, about seven years old.

“‘Hi,’ she says. ‘You killed me. It was about seven years ago, remember? You drove Lisa to have me killed.’

“Nate looks up, horrified.

“‘Oh, don’t get me wrong,’ she says, ‘I don’t harbor any bad feelings or anything. I’m pro-choice. Well, at least I would be, if I were alive.’”

Radley Balko, writing on “Life and Death: The Pro-Life Themes of HBO’s ‘Six Feet Under,’” Monday in National Review Online

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