- The Washington Times - Monday, March 10, 2003

CHARLOTTESVILLE Maryland guard John Gilchrist knew coach Gary Williams screamed during games when he chose the Terrapins, but the freshman admitted it took time to really hear what the teacher was saying.
"Coming in, you hear the horror stories of him screaming and yelling, but they take it out of context," Gilchrist said before last night's late game against Virginia. "When he screams it's for a reason. He's not a monster that people try to make him to be. He's a great basketball mind. He's a genius. You see him screaming at players on television, but it's tough love. It's constructive criticism."
Williams will often turn to the bench after a bad play, but he's merely venting, not attacking the reserves.
"I used to think when watching on TV that he was screaming at you," Gilchrist said. "What he says is 'That's a stupid play.' He's teaching us don't do that. It's the same thing we're all thinking."
Sleepy is up and down
Center Ryan Randle rated his season as "up and down" after averaging 13.2 points and 7.3 rebounds as a starter.
"I'm not as consistent as I was supposed to be, but everybody goes through that sometimes," he said. "It's my first year of starting. I think I did great for right now."
Road warrior
Gilchrist admitted being "shellshocked" during the team's first road game at Indiana, but quickly learned it's not too different from playing at Comcast Center.
"It's the same as home except everybody's booing you," he said.



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