- The Washington Times - Tuesday, March 25, 2003

BAGHDAD, Iraq, March 25 (UPI) — Iraqi President Saddam Hussein urged tribesmen to take the initiative and attack the U.S. and British forces without waiting for orders.

"Don't wait until you receive the order from the authorities you are used to receive directions from," Saddam said in an appeal to the tribes leaders broadcast on Iraqi TV on Tuesday.

"Every Iraqi is a commander in his position…. and when contact with him is cut, every tribe leader or Iraqi man or woman could hold the flag of Jihad (struggle)."

He added: "If you face the enemy and inflict serious casualties and losses even if they are not big, you will see how they will flee scared because they are strangers and criminal aggressors."

Saddam continued giving instructions to tribe leaders, saying: "Fight them by groups and when the enemy moves in convoys, hit the front and the rear and on the roads because if you succeed, the whole convoy will stop from moving which would make it a suitable target for your fire."

"Whenever the convoy stops, attack it and if it deploys keep away and don't confront it as a bloc," he said, adding if the U.S. and British soldiers "take shelter, annoy them and attack them day and night until you terrorize them."

The Iraqi President also called for attacking enemy vehicles "which would be on the road away from the big gatherings" and "fight them like your struggling brothers on the outskirts of An-Nasiriyah in the heroic 11 unit and Zikar people are fighting them."

He also gave the example of the 45th Brigade, Baath Party fighters and people in Umm Qasr, Faw, Anbar and other areas near the city of Basra who "are determined to fight the enemy if they insist on entering their city."

Saddam made a similar appeal to the tribes in the region of central Euphrates which includes the provinces of Najaf, Karbala, al-Muthanna, al-Qaddisiyah and Babel to "fight the enemy before he takes hold of you."

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