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Restoring the Constitution

Jay Ambrose’s article “The Andy Jackson solution” (Commentary, Saturday) is on the right track, but it is just a quick fix for a long-term constitutional virus. The once-weakest third branch of our form of government has been out of control, acting extraconstitutionally for too long, as evidenced by the Massachusetts Supreme Court’s recent decision regarding same-sex “marriage.”

The fault rests squarely on the shoulders of the legislative branch, which is supported by decaying backbones crippled by the liberal virus present in Congress and most state legislatures. Our government only exists through the consent of the governed people, whose voice is effected in the legislature. Article I, Section 1, of the Constitution clearly states, in part, “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives.” Two constitutional tools, impeachment and legislation, must now be used by the Congress and 50 state legislatures to restore the constitutional balance of power. If balance is not restored very soon, then our self-government will wobble out of control and explode in a new revolution or spin itself into anarchy. President Clinton taught the citizens about the impeachment tool, but the lesser known and understood legislative tool expressed in Article III, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution is available, and its use must be taught to the citizens. The last sentence states, in part, “In all other cases ? the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction ? with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make.”

The citizens must surgically restore the legislative backbones of the federal and state governments, and demand impeachment and legislation to restore the balance of constitutional power. Restoration may be accomplished by putting Constitution-believing citizens into the legislatures. We have a choice. Restore the balance of constitutional power and act like the Constitution says what it means and means what it says, or continue “Slouching Toward Gomorrah,” as written by retired judge Robert H. Bork.



Bush’s Thanksgiving

President Bush conducted his own daring and wildly successful one-man black ops infiltration into Baghdad to show his appreciation for our troops, and the rousing reception he received brought goose bumps and tears of pride and joy to most Americans viewing this on Thanksgiving.

Only the mean-spirited, ultra-liberal Democrats found reason to criticize this coup. Chalk it up to jealousy. We have a president that the Democrats cannot possibly beat in 2004, and so they deceive and attack … and they just cannot understand why it is not working.


Katy, Texas

President Bush and members of his administration have often been subjected to harsh partisan criticism from those who charge that it is easy to send young men and women into danger in Iraq when members of the administration and their families place themselves in no peril.

Mr. Bush has given his critics something to chew on with his daring, dangerous and benevolent visit to Baghdad (“Bush stuns troops in Iraq visit,” Page 1, Friday) to spend Thanksgiving with our troops. Mr. Bush placed in jeopardy his safety and that of his entourage as they joined our fighting men and women, who gave up an important holiday, one in which it is so important to be surrounded by family.

The support and encouragement he provided to our valiant and brave protectors is immeasurable. Bless him for going.


Upper St. Clair, Pa.

Curbing immigration

Fortunately for advocates of mass immigration, they no longer need even flimsy arguments in support of their cause. They now have powerful, eager allies in both political parties who seem to be tripping over themselves these days, while lining up to justify and support our country’s enormous net-immigration rate. (“Net immigration rises by millions,” Page 1, Wednesday). These self-serving politicians are anxious to import millions of grateful voters for their own purposes with no apparent regard for the economic and social implications for our county.

Of course, liberal Democrats for years have pandered to minority voters with their advocacy of heavy social-welfare spending, wealth-redistribution policies and pious multicultural rhetoric, so their disregard for the best interests of the majority is no surprise. The motives of Republicans who now favor mass immigration, though, are transparent and particularly galling. One can only hope that voters will recognize their shameless opportunism and cast their votes for candidates who remain guided by core conservative principles instead of ambition.


Baldwinsville, N.Y.

The ongoing conflict in Iraq

In “Institutional memory loss” (Commentary, Nov. 17), Arnaud de Borchgrave notes, “For the Iraqi underground and foreign Muslim jihadis, the fact that coalition forces defeated the bloody tyrant Saddam Hussein is irrelevant.” What is relevant and virtually ignored by the U.S. government and media is the fact that Saddam’s regime never formally surrendered to the coalition. Why, then, should we be surprised that the conflict continues?



War effort undermined

Paul Craig Roberts sounds just like Howard Dean and the others on the Democratic list of wannabes. His article, “An aggressive new turn” (Commentary, yesterday), recounts many supposed facts which I believe it is incumbent upon him to expand upon.

Where are the cities we are isolating with barbed wire? What civilians are we killing? How are we antagonizing Arabs? How about giving us definitive examples, instead of accusations?

Mr. Roberts says our invasion of Iraq was based on falsehoods just like Hitler’s was in World War II. This is the signal line which the Democrat Bush-haters are spewing. He compares Bush with Napoleon. He paints our president as a foolhardy aggressor. He paints our troops as bullish, tyrannical monsters. Why in the world he writes for the conservativeWashington Times is beyond me, except to get his message the widest coverage possible.

Shame on you, Mr. Roberts, for stepping over the line during a war. This is not just criticism — it is undermining the war effort and spurring the Islamic people into even more confidence that we are an aggressor, not a liberator.


Livingston, Texas

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