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Syndicated columnist David Limbaugh, a lawyer and brother of talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, recently published his second book, “Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity.” The following are excerpts from a telephone interview with Mr. Limbaugh:

Q: What incident was the “last straw” in leading you to write this book?

A: No specific one, but I’ve continued to see examples in the media, including The Washington Times, about a lot of discrimination against Christians, the suppression of their civil liberties and examples of them being denied tolerance by those who tout tolerance as their highest virtue. So I decided to prepare a comprehensive compendium to show how bad this has gotten. This book was originally 150,000 words and I had to cut it in half to get it to its current size [352 pages].

Q: You write a lot about the Supreme Court. Why is it so hostile to religion?

A: Secular forces have infiltrated all levels of society, even our courts. In a lot of cases, the majority of the court is completely judicially active. In some places, [Chief Justice William H.] Rehnquist and [Justice Antonin] Scalia have tried to curb this. Our society has become so indoctrinated with the notion that the Establishment Clause [of the First Amendment] requires a much stricter separation [of church and state] than it actually does.

The Supreme Court is so far afield from the original intent of its framers as to government involvement with religion, there is no relationship to the original intent.

Q: Why do you portray school superintendents as such cowards when it comes to religious rights for students?

A: In many cases where the courts have ruled correctly, superintendents and county sheriffs will fold at the least bit of pressure from the American Civil Liberties Union, Americans United for Separation of Church and State or even a group of atheists, even when the law in on their side.

This call is a call to arms to Christians and lovers of religious liberty to fight back, because our religious liberties are eroding. This is a clarion call to Christians to forsake their apathy.

Q: Is the situation getting worse or better?

A: The drive to deprive people of their religious rights will continue to gain momentum. The political correctness totalitarians will not take any prisoners. They demand we accept their ideas as equally valid. Take the homosexual lobby. They want you to accept the idea that homosexuality is natural and not deviant. Some Christians believe homosexuality is sinful. You cannot believe homosexuality is normal and proper, and sinful, at the same time. But they want you to adopt their value system forcibly and abandon your own.

Q: Why is there such an enormous antipathy toward Christianity in American society?

A: It’s not top down, started by the Supreme Court, but from the bottom up. These counterculture forces have become dominant in our society and they are getting their way. We are changing the laws and fabric of our society as a result.

The Supreme Court opened the legal floodgates. When the Supreme Court pronounced something like Engel v. Vitale in 1962 — where voluntary nondenominational prayer was outlawed because a school board had written it and that made it too much an endorsement by the state — it lent credence to the idea there is something wrong with government and religion.

The Establishment Clause was never intended to keep the government completely out of religion, but only prohibited Congress from establishing a national church.

Q: Why do Americans give so much advantage to their enemies?

A: It is inherent in a free society that your enemies are allowed to advocate your society be overthrown. We’re allowed free speech and we have to grant it to everybody, short of allowing libel and slander and defamation and yelling “fire” in a crowded theater.

We want to allow free speech and it is essential. But why do liberals always allow other religions to be promoted, even by government agencies? There was a case last year when two Muslim residents at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine were allowed to promote their religion during a required lecture on Islam that had nothing to do with medicine.

Separationists are not sincere in wanting to keep government out of religion. They just want to keep Christianity out of the public square and make it a free-for-all for the other faiths. They do not want to give Christianity a fair seat at the table. They really think Christianity is so dangerous or harmful that it should not be countenanced.

Q: Can democracy only exist within the bounds of Christianity?

A: The United States is the [most free] and most prosperous nation in the world. It was also founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Those two are factors together in one country is no accident. Judeo-Christian principles are conducive to a free society.

They may not be the only way, but they are far the best way to guarantee freedom. Secularists have a vested interest in excising Christianity from our textbooks. For instance, we say Thanksgiving was a day of thanks to God, not a multicultural feast, but the secularists don’t want you to hear about that. Because if we conclude our freedom is a byproduct of Christian heritage, we will want to return to the heritage.

Q: Are you hoping the United States returns to what it once was?

A: I am not advocating a theocracy. Most of the change has to occur in churches and society at large. Some say a revival will be necessary. But it will not happen in a single generation. We cannot legislate change in people’s hearts, but if we do not turn things around, our freedoms will evaporate eventually. We are in jeopardy if we continue to abandon the ethic that founded this country.

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