- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 16, 2003

Once again, as we have since 1917, America is heavily engaged in its altruistic efforts to save the world. We have conquered German militarism, Fascist Italy and Japan, Nazi Germany, then the brutal conspiracy of the Soviet Union, creating the structure for world peace and prosperity. The past and future of the world is in the capable hands of the United States, now as before.

Our latest effort to secure a decent life for the entire planet now brings us into a new conflict, the defeat of the extremist Muslim world with its capability for suicide bombing and other terrorist acts, whether in Iraq, or Indonesia, or Afghanistan, or Israel, or in America — warfare being conducted by hostile elements in Iraq, Syria, Iran and elsewhere.

This worldwide war against extremist Muslims is only now beginning to be recognized by free peoples as one that must be fought as assiduously as World War I, or World War II or the Cold War. In the final analysis, we won them all, with only a few backward states holding out, temporarily. The score is heavily in our favor. We have freed some 60 nations in the span of the last 60 years, a record of superb achievement.

Now, we are engaged in another broad conflict. We have some allies, but we have an equal number of enemies who are dedicated in their desire to stop our efforts for peace and freedom.

In fact, I have catalogued six of them, all working feverishly to thwart this latest effort to free the world from tyranny. The six enemies are:

(1) The Muslim extremists, who after falling several centuries behind the West, falsely believe terrorism against America will restore their former glory, a pathetic piece of illogic and misinterpretation of the Koran, which will only result in their eventual defeat.

(2) The majority of the Muslim nations, whose governments are not extremist, but which are focusing their energies on the hopeless task of defeating Israel rather than on their true mission of developing democracy and technology. These are present failures that will ensure continuation of the poverty and ignorance of their peoples. Like Japan in the 1850s, they must turn their back on their traditional ways. They must join America in creating an open-minded tolerant Western society, the only hope for their peoples’ future.

(3) The Europeans, whose major nations have lost touch with the modern world, and are retreating into the narrow-mindedness that spawned fascism, Nazism and communism on their soil before American freed them. Out of stymied progress, continual unemployment of more than 10 percent and perpetual near-recession, they are becoming increasingly envious of their savior, America. Their national judgment has always been suspect, a lack of wisdom that harbored tyranny, only to be rescued three times by America’s altruism. The American political soul is deeper than that of the Europeans, a fact that galls them, resulting in anti-Americanism. By contrast, the newer nations of Europe, only recently freed from communism, understand the blessings American foreign policy brings to the world.

(4) France is a special case, a particularly near-psychotic enemy, which not only has shown ingratitude but has developed a fervent anti-Americanism based upon its failure as a world influence. Once the center of culture and intellect, France now is in the position of the Arab world of the 13th century, when their arrogance and anti-Christianity set the stage for the fall of the Muslim empire that had conquered half the civilized world. The same is now true of France, whose contributions to the world — intellectually, culturally, and scientifically — have virtually ceased, while America’s continue to grow each year. Their envy will be their downfall. In fact, a recent book by a Frenchman, “La France Qui Tombe,” or “France Which is Falling,” has become a best-seller in that frightened, paralyzed nation.

(5) The American Media. This home-grown enemy has become more than a loud nuisance ever since reporters gained fame and fortune exposing Watergate. Much of the American media have now positioned themselves as adversaries of the national government and its policies, including the wars against tyranny in Iraq and Afghanistan. This animosity, which gains prestige points among other journalists, has grown, fostered by peer pressure and by the anti-American propaganda would-be journalists ingest in both liberal arts colleges and schools of journalism. Many faculty members at such schools pride themselves on objecting to American foreign policy.

So, rather than the media — with certain exceptions — treating the long-range war against Muslim extremism with objectivity, our every action is portrayed as failure, and worse. When the going in Iraq was tough in the first few days, the media pointed that up, with apparent glee. When the tide turned in our favor, the press quickly hailed the military. When the guerrilla war began in Iraq, they once again defiled our efforts. Fortunately, much of the America media that has twisted the truth to back its false ideology will be shown as shallow and propagandistic when America eventually succeeds in its goal of peace in Middle Asia.

(6) Perhaps the most dangerous enemy America faces today is much of the leadership of the Democratic Party — anti-national elements within our body politic. As a former official of the once-patriotic Democratic Party, it is obvious that anti-Americans are at the helm of that party, as witnessed by the actions of the 10 candidates for president, all of whom are giving comfort to the enemy. By 1972, anti-Americans had taken over much of the machinery — if not the average voters — of the Democratic Party, as witnessed by the presidential nomination of Sen. George McGovern, whose plan to confront the Soviet Union was to cut our defense budget by one-third. Today, those defeatist sentiments are echoed by all 10 candidates for the presidency, including retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark, who supported the effort until his ambitions tarnished his soul. Until that party has returned to its patriotic past as exemplified by Harry Truman, America and the world will not be safe.

America must be concerned, but must not panic before the onslaught of its enemies. History tells us the altruism and beneficent nature of America will eventually defeat all six enemies, just as it has vanquished others in the past.

Martin L. Gross, syndicated columnist, is the author of a dozen books on politics and government, including three New York Times best sellers.

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