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Prosecute Wilson?

A leading New York congressman is calling for an investigation into whether former U.S. diplomat Joseph C. Wilson IV violated CIA secrecy when he blew the lid off his role in a February 2002 mission to determine whether Iraq had sought uranium from Niger.

For the last week, Mr. Wilson has been demanding a probe of the Bush administration’s role in revealing his wife’s job at the CIA, a move that he contends was an act of retaliation for his decision to go public about the Niger mission in a July op-ed piece for the New York Times.

But Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican, said Sunday that it’s Mr. Wilson who needs to be investigated — and even prosecuted if he violated CIA secrecy.

“I assume that if he went into this job for the CIA, he had to sign an oath of secrecy — a confidentiality” agreement, Mr. King told WABC Radio’s Steve Malzberg. “And if he did, then he violated it and he should be prosecuted.”

Mr. King added: “He conducted a so-called ‘secret’ mission for the CIA. [However] he’s talking about it all over national and international television — undermining the president of the United States. … Why wasn’t this guy called in before a grand jury?”

Mr. King said that if the CIA didn’t require Mr. Wilson to sign a confidentiality agreement, then the agency should explain why not — along with why it picked the talkative Mr. Wilson for the sensitive mission in the first place.

“Why did they pick the guy who was anti-Bush, antiwar with Iraq, to go over and conduct a really [slapdash] investigation of Niger?” the House Homeland Security Committee member told Mr. Malzberg.

Sudden outrage

“It is absolutely remarkable for me to watch the same Democratic party hacks, who stood by and supported Bill Clinton during the revelations that he was an abuser of women, pull their hair out screaming about Schwarzenegger the Barbarian,” Tammy Bruce writes at www.NewsMax.com.

“For those of you who do not know, I am a former president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and also served on the National NOW board of directors in the early 1990s. That said, it was the obscene support of Bill Clinton by the entire left-wing establishment that woke me up to the hypocrisy of the Left, and of Democrats and the feminist machines in particular,” she said.

“As you know by now, the Los Angeles Times, the absurd propaganda machine for the Democratic party, let loose with I’m sure what they thought would annihilate Arnold’s candidacy for governor of California. The front-page story declared Arnold had ‘groped, humiliated’ women. Heck, Gray Davis’ car taxes and payoffs and driver’s licenses for illegal aliens amounts to all Californians (not just women) being groped and humiliated.

“The people at the Times (I’d call them journalists, but that would be just plain silly) say six women (four of whom remain anonymous) claim Arnold either touched them inappropriately or made lewd suggestions.

“Now suddenly the Democrats are outraged, just outraged, at how women are treated. Where was this concern when Bill Clinton was groping and humiliating a wide swath through Washington, D.C.? And Little Rock? And now New York? Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey did not insist on anonymity. They explained and answered the questions publicly, and to the world.”

Breaking ranks

Not all Democrats agree with their party’s congressional leaders here who want an independent counsel to investigate whether someone in the administration disclosed the identity of a CIA undercover analyst whose husband, former diplomat Joseph C. Wilson IV, is one of President Bush’s chief critics on the Iraq war.

New Hampshire Democratic Chairman Kathleen Sullivan told The Washington Times she does not believe a special prosecutor is needed in this case to conduct a long, drawn-out investigation.

FBI investigators and the career civil service lawyers in the Justice Department are fully capable of handling this, Mrs. Sullivan told chief political reporter Donald Lambro.

“I don’t know that I agree with this independent prosecutor thing. The quickest way to do this is to have the FBI and Justice Department handle it and get it done quickly,” she told Mr. Lambro.

Biting the hand

A New York AIDS advocacy group is already planning protests for the 2004 Republican National Convention — and they’re doing it with tax dollars.

Housing Works, which receives about $1.5 million a year in federal grants, sent an e-mail Saturday inviting activists to a meeting Thursday “to plan advocacy and demonstrations during next year’s Republican National Convention, to be held in New York City (and for the Democratic National Convention in Boston as well).”

The e-mail invited AIDS activists to “join with others who care about speaking out on AIDS to the Republicans and to the nation.”

In 2000, Housing Works was at the center of an imbroglio over federal housing aid. New York City lowered the group on its funding list in response to Housing Works’ aggressive protests of Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani’s homeless policies.

Andrew Cuomo, secretary of housing and urban development in the Clinton administration, then took control of the city’s share of federal housing funds, and a spokeswoman explained “HUD acted aggressively to protect homeless service providers.”

But others saw election-year politics at work: “It seems to me that it was only part of the way in which the federal government was being used to try to help Hillary Clinton’s campaign” for the New York Senate seat, Mr. Giuliani said at the time. “I have no doubt that was being done.”

Immigration reform

The father of a man killed in the terrorist attacks on New York’s World Trade Center on September 11 has taken to the airwaves in Virginia to demand a halt to immigration until the immigration system is fixed.

The commercials are paid for by Nine Eleven Families For A Secure America and by United to Secure America, an organization whose stated goal is to restore integrity to America’s immigration system.

Peter Gadiel of Hartford, Conn., says that his son and thousands of others died needlessly because “our immigration system couldn’t tell a terrorist from a tourist.” In the commercial, he goes on to say that the system “still cannot” differentiate between the two.

The commercial shows childhood photos of Mr. Gadiel’s son, Jamie, as the father talks. The commercial was created to call attention to what it calls the country’s lax immigration system and suggests that Americans will never feel safe until the system is totally overhauled.

The groups want to stop mass immigration until the task is completed. “Jamie and all the victims of 9/11 deserve that,” Mr. Gadiel concludes.

The commercial can be viewed at https://www.secureamerica.info.

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