- The Washington Times - Wednesday, October 8, 2003

For anglers in Washington and surrounding states, the weekend fishing will be spectacular in some waters, good in others and downright terrible in a few. It all begins with the Chesapeake Bay where chummers find willing stripers and bluefish of all sizes in the Maryland portions and parts of Virginia’s Northern Neck. But as the bay nears the ocean, around the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel and the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel, huge spot are the order of the day, with lots of striped bass also available at the Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

In the Atlantic Ocean, a smorgasbord of fish can be hooked. The surf in Ocean City and Assateague, Md., has seen catches of channel bass (redfish), bluefish, stripers and sharks, all of which go after cut mullet or squid baits. In the offshore waters, expect strikes from yellowfin tunas and widely scattered wahoos and sharks.

Closer to home, the tidal Potomac River will give up a few noteworthy bass, but you must work like the dickens to get them to strike. On two separate occasions this week, three of us fished very hard in a number of creeks and found the bass catches to be marginal at best. However, catfish, crappies and some white and yellow perch weren’t bashful about taking scented grubs or small shad darts under a bobber.

The mountain rivers will give up smallmouth bass and plenty of small channel catfish, while the big Virginia reservoirs produce good bass catches one day and little else the next.

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