- The Washington Times - Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Infidel technology

“While the rest of the world honored the second anniversary of [September 11] by cracking down on terrorism, the people responsible for the attacks zeroed in on the real problem facing the world, Barbie.

“That’s right, Saudi Arabian police declared Barbie ‘offensive to Islam,’ as well as a ‘Jewish’ doll and banished her from the kingdom. …

“Guys, if you’re worried that Barbie is offensive, you have no idea how offensive to Islam we can be. We’ve got Christians, Jews, lesbians, pork chops … loud music — and that’s just at a restaurant in West Hollywood. …

“If the West is so tainted, why don’t you stop using our technology?

“This week Osama bin Laden put out a new videotape. Guess who invented videotape? Not anybody named Abu. Same goes for satellite phones, computers, SUVs, and everything else the terrorists use to hatch their evil plans — they were all invented by the infidels. … So don’t claim you’re rejecting the West when you’re using our technology.”

Bill Maher, writing on “Barbie is a shiksa!” Tuesday in Salon at www.salon.com

Divine institution

“What is marriage? Why do two people tie a knot between them forever? Why only two people? Why not groupings of three, four or more?

“Why do men marry women, and women marry men? Why can’t men marry men and women marry women? …

“Why does the marital union have to be permanent? Why not just until both parties want to terminate the contract, or even one party?

“What does marriage have to do with God? Why is it considered a ‘divine’ institution? What does that really mean?

“The first answer to these questions that comes to mind, of course, is children, without which the human race would shortly die out. A man and a woman are necessary to have children, and a stable, long-term, harmonious relationship between them is necessary for those children to have a decent start in life. …

“Traditionalists claim the stable, loving, monogamous marriage between a man and a woman, along with the children that issue from their union, constitute the very basis for an enlightened civilization. They insist redefining marriage to accommodate same-sex and non-monogamous partnerships will herald the demise of Western Civilization.”

David Kupelian, writing on “Marriages made in heaven and in hell,” Monday in WorldNetDaily at www.worldnetdaily.com

Suing the fans

“The Recording Industry Association of America … sued 261 individuals for allegedly illegally downloading music. … Among those caught in the RIAA’s action: a 12-year-old New York girl. …

“That’s hardly the way to win the hearts and minds of music fans. …

“Between lawsuits against big music fans … high prices for CDs … and the incredibly slow pace of fresh material from most recording artists, it’s easy to conclude that the musicians and labels alike are far more interested in milking audiences than in entertaining them. …

“Gone are the days when a chart-topping group such as Led Zeppelin would average an all-new studio release a year during its heyday. Compare that to anti-Napster posterboys Metallica, whose output over the past half-decade has hardly been as generous.

“If artists and labels would spend more time making music and less time moaning about free downloads, fans would doubtless spend more on CDs.”

Nick Gillespie, writing on “Shut Up ‘n’ Play Yer Guitar,” Monday in Reason Online at www.reason.com

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