- The Washington Times - Saturday, August 21, 2004

Well, now even the “also-rans” are starting to pop up. As the mainstream media start exploring John Kerry’s military honors, something long overdue, we see the likes of Wesley Clark and Howard Dean joining the chorus of leftists in an effort to coax President Bush into violating the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law. What a disingenuous tactic, wouldn’t you say?

The fact is no political campaign can orchestrate, coordinate or collude with any 527 group lest it violate McCain-Feingold, a law that has turned out to be a complete disaster for the American political process.

Keeping that in mind, what do you think the Kerry campaign would say if Mr. Bush or the Bush campaign directly contacted the Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth (SBVT) to tell them to cease their television ads? The answers to that question are pretty much mired in the “gotcha game.”

If the Bush campaign communicated with SBVT, the Kerry campaign first would claim the Bush campaign had violated McCain-Feingold, and that would be correct. Direct contact with SBVT by the Bush campaign violate McCain-Feingold.

Some would argue that’s exactly what the disingenuous liberal-left and the Kerry campaign is taunting the president to do — violate the law to create another election year talking point.

For the same reason, the Kerry campaign has not directly addressed the 527s currently violating McCain-Feingold by directly calling for the defeat of President Bush in November.

MoveOn.org, America Coming Together and the host of other George Soros- and Stephen Bing-financed 527s violate the provision in McCain Feingold that no 527 tax-exempt group can call directly for the defeat of a nationally slated candidate.

The Republican National Committee filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission, but the FED refused to intervene before the election to decide on this activity. Truly, the FEC should be investigated for its lack of action.

Another reason the taunting of the Kerry campaign and the liberal-left is disingenuous is that the millisecond Mr. Bush directly communicated with SBVT they would claim validation of their contention the Bush campaign is behind the organization of Swift Boat veterans. Such is the sick and twisted, narcissistic “gotcha game” of the liberal left, the Kerry campaign and today’s Democratic Party. It is no wonder Georgia Sen. Zell Miller has taken a stance of disgust with the present Democratic Party of “McAulinistas.”

President Bush has done all he can to address the 527 issue without stepping over the line of legality, much to the dismay of the Kerry campaign and the liberal creatures sitting in the dank, shadowy recesses of Michael Moore’s pathetic little Golem-styled hovel, salivating for just such a political blunder.

President Bush has said all the 527 action on both sides should cease activity so the two candidates and their campaigns can address the issues. The Kerry campaign still has not issued a denunciation of the left-leaning 527 groups. And if you expect to hear such a statement anytime soon I suggest you bring enough supplies for the wait. You might, just might, see one sometime after Nov. 2 when the Kerry campaign is calling for recounts and trying to blame a failed presidential bid on anything and anyone besides themselves and the divisive, negative tactics they used in one of the dirtiest ever Democratic presidential campaigns.

Perhaps the vicious, negative fabrications of 527s such as MoveOn.org and America Coming Together — fabrications masked as truths and facts in their TV and radio ads — will finally move the public to scream for real campaign finance reform. Or perhaps a plethora of lawsuits will charge those and other like 527 groups with violating truth-in-advertising laws.

Until then, roll on 527s, roll on. And remember, President Bush is the only candidate running for president in 2004 who has called for 527 action to stop. John Kerry, what say you? John? Now, where is he?


Political media consultant,

managing editor of TheRant.us.

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