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Reviving Ripley

Internet Movie Database

Sigourney Weaver has hinted she may consider starring in another “Alien” sequel — to explore character Ellen Ripley’s dark side.

The statuesque actress, an Oscar nominee for her performance in the first “Aliens” sequel (1997’s “Alien: Resurrection”) wants the franchise to return to its small beginnings by focusing on the psychology of the gun-totting Ripley.

“I always said to Tom Rothman, who runs Fox, that I thought it would be interesting to do a small, spooky movie, more like the first one, a psychological thriller that could take Ripley to whatever the next stage may be,” Miss Weaver said.

“Which side would win out, the Jekyll or the Hyde?” she asked.

Phish aids fans

Associated Press

The hundreds of Phish fans who were turned away from the band’s farewell concerts earlier this month have been given an apology and the promise of a gift.

“The last thing any of us wanted in the band’s final hour was to leave some of our most dedicated fans feeling angry and disillusioned,” Phish manager John Paluska says in a statement on the band’s Web site.

An estimated 65,000 fans attended the farewell festival Aug. 14 and 15. Many others were turned away because of muddy conditions. Heavy rains turned the farm fields in Coventry, Vt. (in the band’s home state) and the grounds of the Newport State Airport — where a camping site was set up and the concert was held — into big mud bogs.

Concertgoers who were turned away will receive a face-value refund on their tickets and a free download of the Coventry performances, Mr. Paluska said, along with an autographed book of photos featuring the group from 1994 to 2004.

To dye for

New York Post

Beverly Hills hairstylist Giuseppe Franco is shooting down rumors that California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a “girly-man” who dyes his hair.

The Governator has been spotted making weekly trips to Mr. Franco’s North Canyon Drive salon, leading to speculation that he was having a weekly color and cut along with a manicure-pedicure for good measure.

Says Mr. Franco: “We’ve known each other for 20 years, and he just stops by to say hello and maybe have a cappuccino. How could anyone have their hair cut once a week? Maybe once a month he might have some work done.”

Keys denies Usher tie

Los Angeles Daily News

Music superstar Alicia Keys is well-known for her desire to keep her private life out of the public eye.

So it’s not surprising she gets playful when asked about rumors flying around that her relationship with her recent duet partner, Usher, has gone beyond musical collaboration.

“I am absolutely involved with my man, but that man is not necessarily Usher,” the Los Angeles Daily News quoted Miss Keys as saying.

Who is that man? Miss Keys, who earlier this year was reportedly in a long-term relationship with her record-producing partner, Kerry Brothers (aka Krucial), demurs from taking it further:

“Ah, that is for me to know and you to wonder,” she said.

Chompin’ at the bit

Internet Movie Database

Taking a cue from former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson, actor Russell Crowe reportedly bit his bodyguard during a barroom brawl while filming the boxing biopic “Cinderella Man” in Canada, the Internet Movie Database reports.

After filming ended for the week on the Toronto set, the Oscar-winner joined the film’s crew for a round of drinks when bodyguard Mark ‘Spud’ Carroll suggested that the actor return home to his wife, Danielle Spencer, and baby son, Charles.

Then, according to reports, the fireworks erupted.

“The boys were just having a few beers with the usual raucous banter, but something must have annoyed Russell,” an unnamed friend of the star’s told Britain’s Sunday Mirror newspaper.

“He and Spud are so close, almost like brothers. And like some siblings, they ended up having a huge row. Russell’s a great guy, but he didn’t take too kindly to being told that it was time to go home. He just flipped.”

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