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Walking its own plank

The story “GOP to finesse immigration issue” by Ralph Z. Hallow (Nation, Aug. 23) was illuminating.

It appears that the Republican Party is going to adopt a plank in its platform that will have a strong statement against amnesty for illegal immigrants. Unfortunately, its platform will also not oppose a guest-worker program, which would allow illegal immigrants to remain legally in the United States with no fear of deportation to their home countries. In other words, this is an amnesty.

We used to have statesmen in our Congress whose word we could trust and who would make decisions based on the long-term best interests of the American people. Today, we have vote-pandering, self-serving politicians who want us to believe that they are working for the American people, when in reality they are spinning the truth to satisfy their own personal agendas.


Rochester Hills, Mich.

‘Refighting Vietnam’

I must take strong exception to the answer to the rhetorical question that Clarence Page poses in his Saturday Commentary, “Sightings … in a war refought.”

No, Mr. Page, we are not “refighting Vietnam” because “questions remain unsettled in our national conscience.” We are “refighting Vietnam” because Sen. John Kerry has placed his four-month service there before the American people as the primary qualification to be our next commander in chief.

We have learned by “refighting Vietnam” that Mr. Kerry’s “seared” memory of being in Cambodia on Christmas Eve in 1968 is a figment of imagination. We have also learned of his admission before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971 of committing atrocities that he falsely accuses many fellow veterans of committing.

Thus, the real question before the American people should be whether Mr. Kerry possesses the character to be our next commander in chief.



A job well-done

I just want to thank the editors at The Washington Times for shedding a much-needed light on the immigration issue. Your nonpartisan approach and fact-finding has been very refreshing.

While most of the liberal media has either turned a blind eye on the issue or has been supportive of the illegal alien invasion, I’m glad to know that your paper still believes in the rule of law and exposing those who profit from the invasion the most.

I believe this issue and the war on terror are much more pertinent than the latest Michael Moore rant or the Scott Peterson case or some other non-issues that the liberal media love to hype.

Please keep up the great work. I love reading your newspaper.


Alexandriarecent attacks on his record involve not merely a question of his service in Vietnam (“Playing the crowd,” Op-Ed, Aug. 23), but reflect resentment of the political views he expressed after he returned.

He did speak out against certain actions of American soldiers in Vietnam. His words as a young veteran inspired some and angered others; that is the beauty of America.

America is a country where men and women risk their lives abroad to ensure the voices of their fellow Americans can be heard at home. The purpose of democracy is not only to listen to the voice of the majority but to protect the voices of the minority.

What makes America such a strong symbol of freedom is that two Americans who may disagree on every other issue can agree that they both love their country and their fellow countrymen.

Mr. Kerry served in Vietnam because he loves his country and he spoke out against the immoral acts in Vietnam because he loves his country. It encourages me to know that Americans are exercising their right to question their leaders about their war service.

But it saddens me to see that political debate in this country seems to have settled on the severity of the wound for which Mr. Kerry received his third Purple Heart and not on the bigger issue of which candidate has a better plan for America’s future.

Mr. Kerry wants to run on the issues. President Bush should be running his campaign on the issues. They both have a responsibility to answer not only the questions about their military records, but also the questions about the future of our great country.


Silver Spring

George Bush is at it again. His allies tried to smear Sen. John McCain’s military service four years ago and now they are funding a front group to try to do the same against Sen. John Kerry (“Kerry likens ad attack to 2000,” Nation, Aug. 22).

The people in this group are proven liars. Official U.S. Navy documents prove their attacks are completely false.

Newspapers across the country have documented the attacks against Mr. Kerry as smears and distortions. They also have documented the fact that the front group making the attacks is funded by Bush donors and longtime Republican donors.

Mr. McCain denounced the attacks on Mr. Kerry as “dishonest and dishonorable” and called on Mr. Bush to denounce them. Instead of standing up and denouncing the ads, Mr. Bush is hiding because he wants his front group to do his dirty work, just like they did against Mr. McCain.


Melbourne, Fla.

Voting twice?

Deborah Simmons’ piece on the Florida election fiasco (“Intimidation by action,” Op-Ed, Friday) mentioned the tens of thousands of people who vote in more than one state.

This past week, a report surfaced estimating that 46,000 people voted both in Florida and New York in 2000. The majority of these were Democrats. If true, President Bush’s margin of victory in Florida would have been much higher than 350 or so votes. This problem deserves further investigation. The fact that voting in more than one state is a felony should be strongly emphasized.


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