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Bond forever

“The actor known as Bond, James Bond, says he’s turning in his license to kill. ‘That’s it,’ reports Pierce Brosnan. ‘I’ve said all I’ve got to say on the world of James Bond.’ …

“[T]he 51-year-old Irish star answers the question that’s dogged him since his last mission on Her Majesty’s Secret Service, 2002’s ‘Die Another Day’: Will he return for his fifth Bond movie? ‘Bond is another lifetime,’ he says, ‘behind me.’ …

“Bond movies tend to take on a new sensibility — and a new leading man — every decade or so and Brosnan’s been at it since 1995. …

“[The 007 series] has endured for more than 42 years, 20 installments, and five stars, hitting an all-time high with Brosnan, whose four Bond films have grossed more than $1 billion worldwide.”

Joshua Rich, writing on “Bond: Shaken?” in the Aug. 6 issue of Entertainment Weekly

At your expense

“Gretchen Ritter, who apparently makes her living directing the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Texas and as associate professor of government and women’s studies … maintains stay-at-home moms are dangerous subversives and a plague on society.

“‘It is time to have an honest conversation about what is lost when women stay home,” she wrote in the Austin American-Statesman. … ‘In a nation devoted to motherhood and apple pie, what could possibly be wrong with staying home to care for your children?’ …

“‘Full-time mothering is … bad for children,’ she insists.

” ‘… the stay-at-home mother movement is bad for society,’ she states.

“Of course, there is not the slightest effort to cite empirical evidence. …

“What Ritter teaches about stay-at-home moms being dangerous to society is considered culturally mainstream in academia. Women who choose to raise children are looked at as if they came from another planet.

“It’s easy to point out this kind of demagoguery as if it is an isolated incident. It’s not. It’s the norm on campus. Your children … are being indoctrinated into these ideas at your expense.”

Joseph Farah, writing on “Are stay-at-home moms dangerous?” Monday in WorldNetDaily at www.worldnetdaily.com

Jumping ‘Shark Week’

“For shark fanatics, this is the most wonderful time of the year. ‘Shark Week,’ the Discovery Channel’s ode to Carcharodon carcharias, Carcharhinus leucas, and their cousins at the top of the food chain, has come around again with the promise of seven days of pure predatory bliss. …

“In its glory days, Shark Week concentrated on the migration patterns and hunting strategies of Great Whites. …

“The opening Sunday night position has always been reserved for pulse-pounding gems like ‘Great White Attack — A True Story’ and ‘Sharks of the Atlantic.’ This year, opening night went to ‘Primal Scream,’ a glorified 60-minute infomercial for the upcoming lost-at-sea thriller ‘Open Water.’ …

“After all these years, has Discovery just run out of ways to show sharks swimming around?”

Robert Weintraub, writing on “Not-So-Great White,” Friday in Slate at www.slate.com

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