- The Washington Times - Monday, August 30, 2004

Secretary of State Colin Powell acquiesced to the communists, left-wing extremists, anti-American ninnies and various other fringe elements lurking in the shadow of the Athens Games.

One nut case said, “It is an enormous victory of the anti-war movement that managed to cancel the visit of the arch-killer Powell.”

This is the infection of the brain that has no geographical borders. You can hear the same anti-war drivel being espoused in a latte shop in Berkeley, Calif., or in the pretentious watering dens of the nation’s capital.

These pathetic souls are not inclined to speak out against the totalitarian regimes around the globe. They never object to the human exterminators, such as Saddam Hussein.

No, it is so much more fun to superimpose the image of Hitler on the cutout mug of George Bush. It is so much more enlightening and sophisticated to express your condemnation of a nation whose corporations underwrite the hypocrisy known as the Olympics.

There would be no Olympics — at least no Olympics as we have come to know it — without America’s considerable financial backing.

That is one of the rich subtexts of the Olympics. We put the IOC members and their sycophants in the penthouse suite and receive a hand to the back of our face in return. They take our greenbacks but prefer we stay out of sight.

The Associated Press noted that until Powell’s announcement to visit Athens, “there had been none of the anti-American demonstrations that were feared” going into the Games, as if this was somehow a positive development.

That merely reveals the upside-down thinking of the infected ones.

Why don’t they protest Osama bin Laden and his head-removing vermin who are at war with the West? Why don’t they have a problem with the Islamic fundamentalists who think nothing of oppressing women and those of different religious faiths? Why haven’t they taken umbrage with Saddam’s mass graves in Iraq?

In their demented view of the world, Powell is the “killer.”

Whether the Greeks like it or not — and they obviously do not like it — the West has been dragged into a war by the 10th-century Imams of the Middle East. They blow up civilians, they behead innocents and they fly commercial jets into buildings.

Their intentions are incredibly clear. You can blame Bush and Powell if you like. You can blame the United States and its omnipresent culture being exported across the globe. You can stick your head in the sand and say, “War is not the answer.”

Yet war is the answer for the virulent bin Laden and his supporters. This is their war. The United States and the “coalition of the willing” finally have decided to fight it after ignoring the obvious the last generation.

In a vaguely coherent world, a visit from Powell should have been treated as a fortuitous occasion for the Athens Games, a coup of sorts, a political blessing. Instead, it was treated as an annoyance, or worse, and one of the leading figures in the Bush administration was left to pretend that the human rights mess in Sudan suddenly needed his undivided attention.

What an insult to Powell and the nation that historically has answered the call for so many in need.

But that is what happens when you lend credence to the mutant thinkers in your midst. We have done the same in America. We actually hand a bullhorn and a national platform to certain high school graduates because of their celebrity.

Powell somehow was perceived to be guilty of political grandstanding, of mixing politics with a so-called “apolitical” event.

Oh, please. Give that fantasy a rest.

The U.S. Olympic Committee recognized the twisted political mood of the world months ago and issued an absurd plea to American athletes to act, essentially, apologetic.

Memo to the rest of the world: You might want to have a clue before your head is underneath the blade of the peace-loving followers of bin Laden.

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