- The Washington Times - Wednesday, February 18, 2004

‘Sex week’

“Last week, every Yale undergraduate received an e-mail heralding ‘Sex Week: A Celebration and Exploration of Sex and Sexuality at Yale University.’ …

“Yale sophomore David O’Leary, upon returning from 5 o’clock Mass, found in his inbox the promise of a ‘Porn Party sponsored by Wicked Pictures with porn star Devinn Lane.’

“According to event organizer and Yale senior Eric Rubenstein, Sex Week was supposed to open discussion about issues of love, intimacy and romance, and was timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day to distract the many unattached Yalies who, Rubenstein says, are made lonely and depressed by the holiday. In truth, however, it was little more than a weeklong bacchanal. …

“Sex Week was touted as ‘the only event of its kind on any college campus.’ That’s a relief — there are at least a few Sex Weeks to go before Yale introduces the Janet Jackson Chair in Cultural Studies.”

Meghan Clyne (Yale ‘03), writing on “Sexed-Up New Haven” Tuesday in National Review at www.nationalreview.com

Real parents

“Premarital sex and out-of-wedlock babies are not the result of mature, careful decision-making. The lifelong scars of piercings and tattoos are not the result of mature, careful decision-making. …

“Milestones, guidelines, boundaries, expectations, limits — our youth are crying out for these structures from real parents, brave parents. Guidance, conversation, spiritual leadership, suppers as a family — at the table and away from the TV. Our youth are crying out for these emotional supports from real parents; involved parents. …

“It truly is OK to ‘Act Parental’ and provide loving, appropriate discipline to the children you chose to have. Not only is it OK, it is your responsibility and your duty — to the children, to the society in which those children will interact, to the nation that those children will inherit. Real parents parent their own children, even when that job is tiring, stressful, or even downright unpleasant.”

Linda Schrock Taylor, writing on “Real Parents Parent,” Monday at www.lewrockwell.com

The play’s the thing

“The name Shakespeare in Britain is rather like the names Ford, Disney and Rockefeller in the United States. He is less an individual than an institution, less an artist than an apparatus. Shakespeare is a precious national treasure akin to Stonehenge or North Sea oil. …

“Stratford, Shakespeare’s hometown, has become a place of pilgrimage only slightly less sacred than Mecca, with American tourists waddling reverently around … the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre. … Shakespeare’s familiar high-domed head … has adorned everything from TV beer commercials to the 20 note. He is the presiding genius of the national spirit, a kind of Churchill in a neck ruff. … It is even rumored that he also wrote plays. …

“It is true that we cannot be absolutely sure that the Will Shakespeare who was an actor (probably not very skilled) from Stratford-upon-Avon was also the William Shakespeare who wrote ‘Hamlet.’ Some conspiratorial souls, for whom the Kennedy assassination has nothing on the Shakespeare conundrum, believe that the real Shakespeare was a nobleman who stole the name of this country bumpkin. This is because they find it hard to stomach the suggestion that a clodhopping peasant … could come to rank alongside Dante and Goethe.”

Terry Eagleton, writing on “Company Man,” in the March 1 issue of the Nation

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