- The Washington Times - Thursday, February 5, 2004

Ruffling feathers

“Quite a few people would probably rail against Laura Schlessinger, the radio pop psychologist known for her diatribes against abortion, working mothers and gay rights, even if she said that you should be kind to animals and brush your teeth regularly. When ‘Dr. Laura’ writes a book which pins most of the blame for modern marital problems on selfish, overly demanding women, that’s bound to ruffle feathers.

“Schlessinger’s new book, ‘The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands,’ is viewed by friend and foe alike as a ‘back-to-the-good-old-days’ treatise: for some, a rediscovery of the deep truths we’ve forgotten in the rush to women’s liberation; for others, an attempt to roll back decades of women’s progress.

“Yet some of what Schlessinger says doesn’t sound terribly radical. In the age of feminism, she argues, we have paid a lot of attention to women’s complaints about men and criticized men for not meeting women’s needs — but we’ve forgotten that men, too, have needs and women, too, have faults. Somehow, we’ve even developed the notion that a woman who seeks to meet her husband’s needs is subservient (but a husband who fails to meet his wife’s needs is a pig).”

Cathy Young, writing on “Off Your Feed,” Wednesday in Reason Online at www.reason.com

Getting crowded

“Barring the long-overdue mother of all earthquakes, a tightening of federal immigration policy or the Rapture, California’s population, currently at 36 million, likely will double within the lifetime of today’s schoolchildren. …

” ‘Come to California,’ Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger urged the world more than once in his State of the State address this month. But most residents are not happy about this trend. In a 2001 statewide poll … half of the respondents said they considered the previous decade’s population growth a ‘bad thing.’ …

“In Los Angeles County and five surrounding counties … the population now stands at more than 17 million. That’s nearly 6 percent of the U.S. population … all within a four-hour drive — if you can find four hours when the traffic isn’t bad. …

“Demographic studies after the 2000 census revealed that from 1990 to 2000, immigrants and their children accounted not for just some, or even most, of California’s growth. They accounted for virtually all of it.”

Lee Green, writing on “Infinite Ingress,” Jan. 25 in the Los Angeles Times magazine

Outcry and outrage

“We hear very little about the sad plight of women in Muslim countries. In America there is much more of an outcry against Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell for their alleged opposition to women’s rights. …

“I know these men well, and I have never heard them say that a woman who gave birth to a child out of wedlock should be stoned or whipped. Never have I heard them say that women must not own property. Never have I heard them say, even in jest, that women cannot walk unaccompanied down a street. Yet, in Muslim countries or regions, it’s a different story. …

“American advocates of diversity and multiculturalism just don’t get it. There is a vast fundamental difference between how women are treated in countries and regions under the sway of Islamic law and how they are treated in the West, with its tradition of individual rights.”

Paul M. Weyrich, writing on “Islam And The West,” Wednesday in Notable News Now

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