- The Washington Times - Saturday, February 7, 2004

There is an old saying that goes something like this: If the papa alligator didn’t follow behind the mama alligator eating as many of her eggs as he could find, we would all be up to our necks in alligators.

In a way, the Democratic Party has been like the fabled papa alligator, except now there is no mama alligator laying thousands of eggs and the papa has run out of young to eat.

Forty years ago 58 percent of voters were registered Democrat vs. 29 percent registered Republican. In 1993, the Republican ranks remained steady at 29 percent, and the Democrats had plummeted 31 percent. Why? No sinister plot cooked up in Crawford, Tex., could have achieved the devastating results the policies and practices the Democrats have carried out against their own kind.

Arguably the Democratic Party as a whole is most loyal to militant feminists and homosexual rights advocates. As a rule, neither of these small minority groups live to reproduce. During the 25 to 30 years they have had their hands on the tiller of the Democratic Party, the absolute numbers of homosexuals and hard-core feminists have remained about the same, while the rest of the general population has grown — leaving their relative voting power diminished. Yet these groups’ hold over the party has only tightened.

Environmentalists are another core constituent group that has exerted what amounts to a veto power over the Democrats for some time. Again, while not so universally true as with the homosexual rights activists and the militant feminists, environmentalists tend to be more single than average, and less likely to marry, form families and raise like-minded voters to support the party.

While the homosexual or “gay” activists, the militant feminists, and the environmentalists have not grown to bolster the ranks of the Democrats, their antics and methods have offended the sensibilities of certain segments and shaken traditional loyalties to the Democratic Party.

The activists have driven out many who once were on board. For example: By frustrating many energy projects that would have employed thousands of high-paid union workers, there are fewer union jobs, fewer union households, and as a consequence fewer up-and-coming union-minded voters.

The same thing has happened in construction, transportation, and housing. “We can’t have that such-and-such project here, we can’t have that road there, we can’t have that housing development anywhere.” Environmental zoning had zoned new working-class neighborhoods out of existence. You can’t go out in the sticks and get a house for $100,000. Would there have been a post-World War II Baby Boom without the thousands and thousands of tract houses available to newly forming families at $10,000 or less?

Environmentalists have checked urban sprawl and the voters that would have been born there as well. They put the land to a better use: For the king’s deer to roam unmolested, I dare say.

In eons past, strong Catholic families voted solidly Democratic, and there was plenty of ‘em. these families had lots of kids who grew up to vote the same way as Mom and Dad. Picture the Kennedy family in Life magazine typifying all things American, and once upon a time, all things Democratic. The big families with three or four kids working in the factory, or the coal mine, or on construction crews building the roads, building the big bridges …. as a rule they don’t exist anymore. They’re relics of the past, and they don’t vote Democrat.

While the union teachers have received strong support from the Democrats, as a rule, the National Education Association propagates an overpopulation environmentalist agenda that has led to small or nonexistent families among those students who have believed their reports. Across a broad spectrum of the special interest groups that have come to typify all things presently Democratic, those adherents who most strongly believe what has been preached are the least likely to have young to follow in their footsteps and beat a path to the polls on Election Day.

And here is the biggest dirty little secret of all: During the last 30-odd years, way more Democrat babies have been aborted than Republican babies.

According to the CDC’s national figures for 1996, while 204 out of 1,000 pregnancies classified as white were aborted, and 335 out of 1,000 deemed “other” races were aborted, fully 534 out of 1,000 black babies were aborted. That’s more than 53 percent. A mini-genocide was foisted upon that most loyal Democratic voting block by the very people who now need their votes.

So not only have Democratic policies acted to reduce family formation in the middle and working classes by denying job and housing opportunities, they have also promoted reduction of the Democratic voting population after the fact, so to speak.

Every traditional Democratic voting block has been targeted, attacked and diminished over these last decades by Democrats themselves. Now as the Roe vs. Wade generation comes of age, the ones that were not eliminated will vote, and the ones that were eliminated won’t. It’s simple demographics, and the party that perfected the modern town hall meetings, the focus groups, and the precise polling techniques failed to see the most basic big picture of all: If you kill off your young, they won’t grow up and vote Democrat. And now it’s too late.


Bealeton, Va.

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