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‘Parent,’ not dad

“[A]lthough Today’s Dad is a character who is galling enough in real life, he really rankles when you see him in the concentrated modern pop-culture version. Take the popular WB drama ‘Everwood,’ whose season finale ended with sensitive, bearded (what is with these guys and facial hair?) Dr. Brown informing his teenage son’s pregnant ex-girlfriend that she was not to tell the son about this unfortunate turn of events. Because that would rob the boy — who’s 17 — of the precious last few moments of his childhood.

“There was a time when the duties of a father would have included telling a son in such a situation to grow up and be a man. But then Dr. Brown (who speaks in pitch-perfect Today’s Dad lingo) always describes himself as a parent, never as a father. …

“I’m addicted to ‘Everwood,’ but the episode where Dr. Brown’s single-mom neighbor is working herself into the ground with extra waitressing shifts, while her ex-husband just got a new $120,000 job and no one ever says anything about child support really got me.”

Catherine Seipp, writing on “Meet Today’s Dad,” Wednesday in National Review Online at www.nationalreview.com

Modern moms

“For the past several months there has been an extraordinary ferment in the media over the topic of motherhood. … [B]ooks, newspaper and magazine articles, talk shows, and Web sites have been buzzing with a new version of a very old question: What do women want? Updated, the question is, what do mothers want? Why are they so plagued with guilt and anxiety, so unclear about their place in the overall scheme of things? …

“Half a century ago, a middle-class housewife’s complaints were met with the uncomprehending question: ‘What have you got to be unhappy about? You’ve got a nice house in the suburbs, a husband with a good job, two beautiful kids! If you’re unhappy, it must be your fault! You must be neurotic!’ …

“Today’s ‘modern’ woman in this position — and there are millions of them — has few friends or supporters. … The current put-down and silencer is no longer, ‘You’re neurotic’ but, ‘It’s your choice! No one made you have those kids; now suck it up and take the consequences!’ ”

Ann Crittenden, writing on “What Do Mothers Want?” in the June issue of the American Prospect

Third World L.A.

“Los Angeles is now under the dominion of extremists. It’s now under the control of an anti-God cult. It’s now more like a Third World banana republic than a great American city.

“I realized this while pondering Los Angeles’ latest controversy over the county seal.

“The neo-Talibanists in the American Civil Liberties Union threatened to sue the county if it didn’t remove a tiny cross from the official logo. By a vote of 3-2, the board of supervisors caved into the demand to redesign it. …

“The cross would hardly be noticed if it had not been brought to the world’s attention by the ACLU. …

“[T]he ACLU is not concerned about the establishment of religion at all. It is concerned about the elimination of Christianity from public life in America.”

Joseph Farah, writing on “Goodbye L.A.,” Wednesday in WorldNetDaily at www.worldnetdaily.com

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