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“Imagine what Jews would think of a Jew who hated Egyptians after watching ‘The Ten Commandments,’ and you get an idea of how most Christians would regard a Christian who hated Jews after watching ‘The Passion.’

“Jews also need to understand another aspect of ‘The Passion’ controversy. Just as Jews are responding to centuries of Christian anti-Semitism (virtually all of it in Europe), many Christians are responding to decades of Christian-bashing — films and art mocking Christianity, a war on virtually any public Christian expression (from the death of the Christmas party to the libelous comparison of fundamentalist Christians to Islamic fanatics). Making matters worse, many of the Jewish groups and journalists attacking ‘The Passion’ have a history of irresponsibly labeling conservative Christians anti-Semitic.”

Dennis Prager, writing on “Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion,’” in the April issue of Moment

‘A special evil’

“In February 2002, the Plainville, N.J., police raided a house after receiving a tip about illegal aliens operating an underground brothel. What the police found were four Mexican girls between the ages of 14 and 17 who were in this country illegally. … [T]hey were, like thousands of other women in this country, sex slaves — captives to the sex traffickers and keepers who control their every move. …

“The New Jersey brothel is just one of many stash houses and apartments that form a slave trade operation that stretches across the United States. …

“The sad fact is that the United States has become a major importer of sex slaves. According to the CIA, between 18,000 and 20,000 women are trafficked annually into America. …

“President Bush, in a speech before the United Nations General Assembly last September, called sex trafficking ‘a special evil.’ …

“Obviously, the proliferation of hard-core pornography in this country is having a deleterious effect on the minds of many Americans. If exposure to this type of garbage is not limited, then the obsession with kinky and dangerous sex will increase.”

— John W. Whitehead, writing on “America’s dark side: sexual trafficking of women,” March 8 for the Rutherford Institute at www.rutherford.org

Trendy insanity

“[T]he major force behind the animal rights movement remains the belief that animals are equal to mankind in significance and stature — that we all (meaning birds, beasts and men) carry within us an equal spark of nature’s divine fire. …

“Under such pantheism, nature has no moral hierarchy. …

“Once regarded as a crazy notion of the radical fringe, proponents of this world view have established a respected place in mainstream culture. Major models and actresses sign up to pose for PETA’s ‘I’d Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur Campaign’ and blockbuster films like ‘Legally Blonde II’ cash in on the cause, teaching young girls that loving their dogs should make them animal rights activists, too. Even the once temperate Humane Society recently issued the statement, ‘There is no rational basis for maintaining a moral distinction between the treatment of humans and other animals.’ …

“If one vests all earth with a divine nature, there can’t be a rational basis for distinguishing between a person and an animal — or even a person and a blade of grass.”

Megan Basham, writing on “A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy,” in Boundless at www.boundless.org

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