- The Washington Times - Sunday, March 21, 2004

The following are excerpts of a sermon by the Rev. Harold B. Hayes Jr. at the Hunter Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church in Suitland.

God always gives you what you need. Anybody need anything? I feel a bold spirit declare a word of truth, and here it is: God is always in the process of bringing you out, bringing you through and bringing you in.

There is a whole lot of preplanning that goes on in the kingdom when God is tired, sick and tired of his children being in any kind of bondage.

It is amazing that we harp on sin, and God harps on bondage. Churches split because of sin. But I have a dream that they will come together because of bondage. If you see sin as bondage and see it as an opportunity for someone to be set free, you won’t care that the person next to you got a tattoo. You won’t care that they got 40 earrings in one ear. The only thing that you should be concerned about is making sure that you feel like God wants everybody free.

So God is always planning your freedom. You didn’t know, but you are destiny’s child. And God is calling you out of something, bringing you through something, because He wants to bring you into something.

And what I like about God is that God don’t care who’s praising out, who’s praising through and who’s praising in. It is all joyful noise to God.

You are either coming out. You are either coming through. Or you are either coming in.

I tried to sing … ‘I’m coming out, I’m coming out.’ OK, don’t sing the rest because then some of you all are going to go right back into the world. Some of you all need to stay out of the clubs. You can’t even go back for 15 years. How many of you old clubbers know what I am talking about? Right now, God is doing too much to take a chance and just go with your friends. You are coming out. Maybe 10 years from now, when you are real good and saved. But how many of you know that you can’t go back right now? Because you are coming out.

And listen, whenever God is bringing you out of something, he has to give you a revelation. You have to have an out mentality. God wants to deliver you out of bondage. … You have to be set free from your mind before you can ever be free. Because, you see, it all starts between your two ears. And as a man or woman so thinketh, so is he. Do you know you can take a man or woman out of bondage, but they can still have a mentality of bondage walking around in the Promised Land? So God has to do something on the inside before he can ever manifest what he wants to on the outside. And the amazing thing is that, everybody in here is a Moses.

God is preparing you, not just to bless you, but also to be a blessing to somebody else.

Now if I said God is going to give you a million dollars in 30 days, you would be praising him. But if I said God is going to give you a million dollars so you can give it away, there ain’t nobody got nothing to say.

But I’d rather have a million dollars pass through my hands than have it pass over me any day.

See God wants to bless you because he’s trying to get next to somebody else. That is why I’m always careful who I stand next to or sit next to because God just might know them. And that might just get on the hook up, because he knows God and God wants to know me. But I’m in so much mess God can’t get next to me. So God hooks me up with somebody else. Whenever God starts blessing you, he’s got somebody else in mind He wants to get next to. Whenever God starts delivering you, he’s going to make you a deliverer for somebody else. Whenever God starts putting money in your pocket, he is trying to get it into somebody else’s.

Whenever God heals your body, he is trying to put a testimony in your mouth so you’ll walk up to the hospital and shout, rise up out of that bed and walk.

It ain’t never been just about you. Never was, never will be. If he is blessing me right now, he is looking at my family. If he is blessing my family, he is looking at my neighbor. If he is blessing my neighbor, he is trying to take the whole city.

What you need is a name that is big enough to adapt to whatever situation you are in. You tell them I Am has sent me. God will always give you what you need.

You may never be called to set free two or three hundred people, but you can set free the five people at your address. It is in the name of Jesus that you free.

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