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New definition

“Say hello to America’s newest version of ‘family’: same-sex parents with kids from divorce, adoption or artificial insemination — and more recently, multiple co-parents related to their children through tangled biological intersections.

“Such arrangements have until now existed mainly outside the public eye. Now, goaded by gay activists (and concerned liberals like San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom), courts, legislators and public officials are stretching the definition of family beyond the historical bonds of blood, adoption and matrimony.

“These days, gay activists say, all you need is love.

“But serial misinterpretation of love, both gay and straight, has damaged the institution of the traditional family. In the 1960s, sexual ‘love’ became everyone’s ‘right.’ … Cohabitation began shedding its stigma, leading to a revolving-door family structure that often left children fatherless and economically deprived.”

Lynn Vincent, writing on “Remaking the American family,” March 6 in World

Socialist rock

“[T]he feeling that the government is lying to us, cheating us, and doing nefarious deeds under cover of night is so widely accepted (at least in the rock ‘n’ roll idiom) that it’s become cliche. …

“I interviewed a musician friend for an article. He called himself a socialist, but cited example after example of problems created by government subsidies. ‘Don’t you realize that under socialism everything is controlled by the government?’ I asked. Ahh, he explained with a wave, the socialism he envisions is but a dream.

“My friend … is no doctrinaire socialist. Still, the evidence suggests that the rock ‘n’ roll youth culture recognizes the problem (the big, bad government) yet refuses to do anything about it. …

“Rock’s political lemmings continually ignore evidence that smaller government secures individual rights, allows greater artistic freedom, and generally stays off … your cloud. Concerned with the spying and warring powers of the government, rock ‘n’ roll statists have never realized that a smaller government would be easier to keep an eye on.

“Sadly, the rock ‘n’ rollers would rather live in a collective dystopia where an enormous government shares and cares with them. … Maybe it has never occurred to them that the policies they favor restrict the freedoms of others — the same accusation angrily they level at ‘fascist’ conservatives.”

Todd Anderson, writing on “Rock ‘n’ Rolled Over,” Thursday in the American Spectator Online at www.spectator.org

Jury ‘message’

“Guilty on all counts. [Martha] Stewart’s daughter, Alexis, who sat directly behind her every day of the six week trial, drops her head in her hands and shakes. … But Martha — she hardly flinches. …

“In the press room, juror No. 8, Chappell Hartridge … is kind enough to stick around and clarify their decision.

“‘Maybe this is a victory for the little guys who lose money thanks to these kinds of transactions. Maybe it’s a message to the big wigs.’ Frankly — and stupidly — this kind of emotion surprises me. …

“Someone asks if Martha’s background as a broker was a factor. ‘Absolutely,’ Chappell [said]. ‘She was a stockbroker so she should have known the rules. Some of those things she did once she felt the heat show that she should have known better.’ …

“‘She takes vacations and doesn’t pay for them — it’s like she thinks she’s better than everyone else.’”

Elizabeth Koch, writing on “Martha’s Reign of Terror Over the Little Guy Is Over!” Friday in Reason at www.reason.com

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