- The Washington Times - Monday, May 17, 2004

Don’t ask, don’t tell

“We have arrived at the ‘Perfect Storm’ of American cultural depravity. Along with photos of Iraqi prisoners being abused in an American prison, we now apparently have photos of American soldiers having sex and committing homosexual acts on prisoners. …

“None of this happened by accident. It is directly due to cultural depravity advanced in the name of progress and amplified by a sensation-hungry media.

“We were told putting women into combat areas is progressive and enlightened.

“We were told pornography is liberating, and that anyone who objects is a narrow-minded Puritan who needs therapy. …

“We were told homosexuality is harmless and normal, and the military should live with a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy that allows homosexuals to stay in the barracks. …

“As long as we’re in the apology business here, isn’t it time for liberals to apologize for systematically aiding and abetting the cultural depravity that produced the Iraq scandal? In a thousand ways, liberals have hammered away at the most basic moral restraints that allow us liberty under the law.”

Robert H. Knight, writing on “Iraq scandal is ‘Perfect Storm’ of American culture,” Wednesday in WorldNetDaily at www.worldnetdaily.com

Gen X difference

“The one thing everyone my age has in common is total contempt for the relentless solipsism of Baby Boomers. Not only did we grow up around them, but in a lot of cases we were educated by them. Do you know how many teachers I had that claimed to be at Woodstock? More than a dozen. There has never been a generation that has talked and thought and prattled on about itself more. Maybe ours will be the generation that finally forces people to stop talking about Woodstock, and if that’s our legacy, it will be worth having lived. …

“When you think of the period from, say, 1966 to 1973, the thing you think of are mass movements, large groups of people doing things together like the anti-war movement, feminism, civil rights. A lot of people my age reject the idea that the only way anything gets done in society is when a bunch of strangers get together and start shouting. … When was the last time you heard a 32-year-old person talk about a movement?”

Tucker Carlson, interviewed in this month’s issue of American Demographics

Breeding Barbies

“Large-breasted, narrow-waisted women have the highest reproductive potential, according to a new study, suggesting Western men’s penchant for women with an hourglass shape may have some biological justification.

“Women with a relatively low waist-to-hip ratio and large breasts had about 30 percent higher levels of the female reproductive hormone estradiol than women with other combinations of body shapes, found Grazyna Jasienska, at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, and colleagues. …

“‘In Western societies, the cultural icon of Barbie as a symbol of female beauty seems to have some biological grounding,’ concludes the team. ‘I would be the last person to propagate Barbie,’ [Miss] Jasienska notes wryly. ‘But when you think about the hourglass shape, Barbie is sort of the symbol.’”

Shaoni Bhattacharya, writing on “Barbie-shaped women are more fertile,” in the May 5 issue of New Scientist

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