- The Washington Times - Saturday, May 29, 2004

Now comes word John Kerry (did you know he served in Vietnam?) will attend his political party’s national convention but he won’t accept the nomination until the 2004 Republican National Convention is in the history books.

Someone in his staff should make sure he knows Democrats traditionally accept their party’s nomination at their own convention. Aside from appearing as though he is always waiting for his opponent to make the first move so he can take the opposing stand, possibly because he knows it would be a disaster to promote any of his own ideas, this move demonstrates Mr. Kerry doesn’t believe in the idea of campaign finance reform in the least.

While it would seem a politically advantageous move, from a funding point of view, to wait until the Republicans have concluded their convention so both campaigns would have the same amount of money to spend, the level playing field being touted is in appearance only.

he Federal Election Commission’s failure to rule on the 527 PACs made that a moot point for this election cycle.

The Democrats are doing pretty well at whining about George W. Bush’s campaign fund-raising. They preach from the pulpit of hypocrisy that he has raised a massive amount, an obscene amount, of money for his campaign. They contend big business is dropping truckloads of campaign contributions off at the Bush-Cheney 2004 Campaign Headquarters and staffers are literally navigating through piles of money around the campaign offices as there is nowhere to put all of it.

Meanwhile, the Democrats wring their hands and bow their heads, offering the notion they, the Democratic Party, the party of the downtrodden, the average American, the workingman’s party, the party that has put up a multimillionaire as its candidate, is in dire straits on campaign finance. I would almost feel sorry for them if it weren’t so untrue.

The party of the common man cries poor while failing to lay claim to the “gifts” from George Soros — a man who admittedly would like to overthrow the government of this country — and those “philanthropists” in his circle.

hey fail to offer up that 527 PACs like America Coming Together and the ever-lovable misfits at MoveOn.org will use every last dime of their assets toward a common goal — the defeat of President Bush, even though it is against the newly enacted campaign finance reform laws.

These “gift givers” and “independent” 527 PACs offer a well-spring of cash — Mr. Soros alone gave $12 million and pledged his entire fortune to defeat George W. Bush — that will most certainly be used against President Bush and his re-election bid.

All this media wealth is tallied on the Kerry side in addition to the $75 million from the taxpayers Mr. Kerry’s campaign will be “limited” to spend after he accepts his party’s nomination — roughly the end of the Republican National Convention.

When one takes the wealth of the left and adds it to the taxpayer funding the Kerry campaign will get to finance his election bid, it is pretty fair to say the field of play is quite tilted leftward. In fact, if one considers the mainstream press — like the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post, the alphabet media outlets and a plethora of on-line offerings — slants their everyday reporting to the left one can say it is the Bush campaign that should be crying poor.

Reality will dawn some day even among the most jaded of the left. Then that they will wake up to the fact the liberal-left — and make no mistake about it, John Kerry represents the far left of the Democratic Party — has to outspend any opponents in order to win any election in which they field a candidate. This is primarily because they offer the theoretical ideology rather than common-sense reality.

In theory everything looks great. In reality, the facts of the matter change dramatically. One needs only to attend a junior high school science fair to understand this.

No, John Kerry’s manipulation of the traditional accepance of his party’s nomination well after the Democratic Convention proves even he is affected by his arrogance. Why should tradition or a campaign finance reform law stand in the way of what he wants? Just as Teresa Heinz Kerry had a fire hydrant moved so she can park her car in a certain spot near their Beacon Hill residence — a fact verified by a Kerry neighbor and a perk seldom attained by common folk — John Kerry doesn’t pretend to play by the rules that control the rest of us.

We should have understood the extent of that arrogance when he fell on an Idaho ski slope and blamed the Secret Service agent tthere to ensure his safety. That’s arrogance with a capital “A.”


Mr. Salvato is a political media consultant and managing editor for TheRant.us. He has appeared as a guest on “The O’Reilly Factor,” “The Kevin Matthews Radio Show” (Chicago) and “The Brad Messer Radio Show” (San Antonio).

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