Monday, May 31, 2004

The extreme left-wing element that somehow has found fault with the freedom-preserving sacrifices of Pat Tillman and our military men and women should pause and consider why they have the right to express their disgusting insults on this Memorial Day.

This suggestion is intended for Ted Rall, the cartoonist who wrote that Tillman “falsely believed” the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were the result of September11 and that Tillman was a “cog in a low-rent occupation army that shot more innocent civilians than terrorists to prop up puppet rulers and exploit gas and oil resources.”

Just to clear up the misunderstandings, Rall later wrote on his Web site that his cartoon was a “reaction to the extraordinary lionizing of Mr. Tillman as a national hero.”

Rall has a supporter in the University of Massachusetts student who wrote that Tillman was not a hero but a “G.I. Joe guy who got what was coming to him.”

This suggestion also is intended for the human blob of conceit known as Michael Moore, who posted the following on his Web site last month: “Why should the other countries of the world, countries who tried to talk us out of this folly, now have to clean up our mess? I oppose the U.N. or anyone else risking the lives of their citizens to extract us from our debacle. I’m sorry, but the majority of Americans supported this war once it began, and sadly, the majority must now sacrifice their children until enough blood has been let that maybe — just maybe — God and the Iraqi people will forgive us in the end.”

Moore, in the same demented diatribe, wrote: “The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not ‘insurgents’ or ‘terrorists’ or the ‘enemy.’ They are the revolution, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow — and they will win. Get it, Mr. Bush.”

We have seen our previous defenders of freedom on the downtown streets of the city this weekend, some walking unsteadily on canes, others in wheelchairs, these members of “the greatest generation” whose bravery and valor was commemorated with the dedication of the National World War II Memorial.

They embody the best of the American spirit, this sense of selflessness that compelled Tillman to leave the NFL and a $3.6million contract and join the U.S. Army Rangers following the September11 attacks. Tillman was killed on the battlefield of Afghanistan last month, likely by his fellow soldiers in confusion, according to military officials.

Tillman’s death exposed the worst of the self-hating element of America whose calendar is stuck on Sept.10, 2001, who do not understand that we are at war with Osama bin Laden and his likeminded animals.

Tillman’s military brothers and sisters are killing these cockroaches with extreme prejudice, as it should be, while we at home have the luxury to make political sport out of a pair of women’s panties being placed on the head of a scumbag in a Baghdad prison.

We are in a different time, in a murky kind of war, and we are all in it together, even if the human blob of conceit is unable to connect the dots and has a mean streak of ever-profitable anti-Americanism in him.

No, Rall and Moore and their twisted kind would not be in a position to spout their venom if not for the courage and conviction of those old souls shuffling along the downtown streets of the nation’s capital this weekend, if not for our military fighting in faraway lands now.

Tillman was from a different America, perhaps even a throwback to an earlier time, who did not ask to be celebrated or held distinct from his fellow Rangers because of his NFL pedigree. He was the quintessential athletic overachiever, accustomed to bold actions, who hardly deserved to be an instrument of the extreme left.

All of us, the extreme left in particular, would do well to recall those who have perished for us today.

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