- The Washington Times - Monday, November 1, 2004

Voters in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District have the opportunity today to say a resounding no to the politics of personal destruction and religious bigotry by voting to re-elect Frank Wolf and to send his Democratic challenger, James Socas, packing. Mr. Socas, a wealthy former investment banker and a strong supporter of John Kerry, has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into a scorched-earth campaign in which he has tried to tear down Mr. Wolf’s record and insult his religious faith.

As we noted before, Mr. Wolf has fought tenaciously and successfully to bring money into his district. But he is much more than just another politician ably delivering for his constituents. His religious belief has been a powerful motivating factor in his political life. Few members of Congress have done anywhere near as much as Mr. Wolf has to call attention to the persecution of Muslims and Christians in Sudan, and human-rights violations by dictatorships like Saddam Hussein’s.

But such work, (as well as Mr. Wolf’s opposition to homosexual “marriage” and abortion on demand) have brought him nothing but derision from Mr. Socas, who has denounced it as evidence that Mr. Wolf supports “extremist causes” and “legislates his faith.”

Mr. Socas — who has the chutzpah to complain that he is the target of unfair negative attacks from Mr. Wolf — has not been content to stop with such ugliness. Even The Washington Post rightly characterized as “reprehensible” Mr. Socas’ attempts to depict Mr. Wolf as a religious extremist. Mr. Socas, who is drawing strong support from Howard Dean’s political operation, apparently believes that smearing the incumbent as a religious fanatic is his ticket to Congress. We urge the voters of the 10th Congressional District to reject James Socas and cast their ballots for Frank Wolf.



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